Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chilean priests demand resignation of Bishop alleged to have covered up for sexual abuser

The Associated Press is reporting that:

"A group of Chilean priests on Thursday demanded for the resignation of a bishop, accusing him of covering up for a prominent priest who sexually abused altar boys.

The priests and deacons in the southern city of Osorno made their request to Ivo Scapalo, the papal nuncio in Chile. They said newly appointed bishop Juan Barros Madrid covered up for the Rev. Fernando Karadima.

Victims have said Karadima began abusing them at his residence at the Sacred Heart of Jesus church in Santiago about 20 years ago, when they were between 14 and 17 years old."

Not long ago, speaking to a papal audience, Pope Francis  asked people to think about how they approach the Mass and what difference it makes in their lives and the lives of their parishes.

Do you go to Mass because it's a habit or a time to see your friends? the pope asked. "Or is it something more?"

"When we go to Mass, we find ourselves with all sorts of people," the pope said. "Does the Eucharist we celebrate lead me to consider all of them as brothers and sisters? Does it increase my ability to rejoice when they do and to weep with those who weep?"

Pope Francis told those present that, "it's not enough to say one loves Jesus; it must be shown in love for those he loved."

There are many who view Pope Francis' decision to appoint Rev. Robert J. Geisinger to be his chief prosecutor of serious church law violations, including child sexual abuse to be utterly insensitive and even despicable. See here. This because the Jesuit was himself one of several Catholic officials who allowed a notorious abusive priest to remain in ministry for years after learning of his long history of sexual abuses, legal documents show.

It's not enough to say that one loves Jesus.  Our love must be shown in love for those He loves.  Amen Pope Francis. Perhaps you could set the example here by offering more than lip service to the victims of sexual abuse?

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Unknown said...


When all goes well it’s easy to say
but when life leads you astray
cause nothing is nice and dandy
the soil to walk on gets very sandy

Child, keep following My footprints
the path you walk on has many flints
thistles and thorns,rocks and stones
hurt your feet and might break bones

Don’t give up, daughter, keep going
your love for Me will keep growing
I see your shedding of salty tears
your sighings resound in My ears

I understand you daughter all too well
I hear you ring and ring the alarm bell
remember I promised to be at your side
never forget that in your soul I abide

Living in this wayward obscure world
in which each one in himself is curled
even when gathered with the crowds
Lord, hasten Your coming on the Clouds

I think, O my Lord, that You prefer rather
to be a forgiving than a punishing Father
thus free us please of this hell of a mess
and shower us with Your Merciful caress.

Lord, I offer you all my pains and sorrows
my yesterdays, my todays and tomorrows
do with me whatever You deem salutary
I promise You I'll behave very ancillary

Rita Biesemans February 21 2015

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