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The Diocese of Worcester and authentic charity

Not long ago, Bishop Robert McManus said that, "At the beginning of Lent, Pope Francis warned us that indifference to God and to neighbor is a real danger in the modern world. The Holy Father urged us to use Lent as a time of interior renewal to reject indifference toward others and to shun a dangerous withdrawal into ourselves. Love, he wrote, conquers indifference."

This is the same Bishop who ignores letters from faithful Catholics expressing concern over doctrinal dissent and liturgical abuse. The same Bishop who callously rescinded Robert Spencer's invitation to speak at the Catholic Men's Conference in Worcester. The same Bishop who has ignored my letters expressing interest in discerning a vocation to the ministerial priesthood. See here for example.

The same Bishop who laughed when I told him my "pastor" wouldn't allow me to have a Mass said for my departed father.

The same Bishop who had too much to drink one day, struck another vehicle, and simply took off- a hit and run as they call it- which resulted in his arrest.
Indifference to God and neighbor IS a real danger in the "modern world."
If only the Bishop could pay more than lip service to this truth. Maybe more of the clerics who serve under him would also catch on.


In his Encyclical Letter Caritas In Veritate, Pope Benedict XVI wrote, Charity is at the heart of the Church's social doctrine. Every responsibility and every commitment spelt out by that doctrine is derived from charity which, according to the teaching of Jesus, is the synthesis of the entire Law (cf. Mt 22:36- 40). It gives real substance to the personal relationship with God and with neighbour; it is the principle not only of micro-relationships (with friends, with family members or within small groups) but also of macro-relationships (social, economic and political ones). For the Church, instructed by the Gospel, charity is everything because, as Saint John teaches (cf. 1 Jn 4:8, 16) and as I recalled in my first Encyclical Letter, “God is love” (Deus Caritas Est): everything has its origin in God's love, everything is shaped by it, everything is directed towards it. Love is God's greatest gift to humanity, it is his promise and our hope."

The Worcester Diocese is not thriving. In fact, it is gradually disintegrating. Parishes are closing.  Many are deserting the Church.  They sense the lack of commitment toward authentic charity.  Many just don't feel welcome.

The Diocese of Worcester is betraying love.  It operates as more of a private clique where a few individuals determine who is welcome at the table and who is not.  Who gets the sacraments and who does not.  Who gets to apply for the priesthood and who doesn't. Who may participate in the life of a parish and who may not.

Saint Gregory the Great said that, "The proof of love is in the works.  Where love exists, it works great things.  But when it ceases to act, it ceases to exist."

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Athol/OrangeCatholic said...

I've been near the sacristy door at OLI when I heard unkind gossip about different people. This is tasteless and demonic.

Unknown said...

"The same Bishop who had too much to drink one day, struck another vehicle, and simply took off- a hit and run as they call it- which resulted in his arrest."
The same happened here with Bishop O'Brien head of the Phoenix Diocese - years ago - the person he drove into died and he drove away as fast as he could (he was drunk too). It has been a whole big scandal in AZ. He finally got replaced.
I should look up whether he got jail time or not. He also hushed up all the scandals with child=predator priests helped by Rev.(?) M.DISKIN who is now still the diocese representative and President of the Earth Charter in AZ !!!! ( I had a very very bad experience with him )

JohnfromHolyRosary said...

What a shame that these priests and deacons do not live up to the standards that they preach to others Riki. Instead, the Church is afflicted with the disease of modernism and many of these spiritually confused clerics are carriers of the disease.

Unknown said...

" It operates as more of a private clique where a few individuals determine who is welcome at the table and who is not."
This is also going on between the nurses in the hospitals nowadays. I also read a lot about it on nurses websites. The Hospitals become more and more big corporations with a lot of Arab, Pakistani, India docs wearing their turbans and the nurses getting hired are mostly Indonesian, Phillipinas, Arab, Indian and Latin Americans. They operate as cliques, will always take the easiest tasks, speak their own language and look down on you, don't even speak to you or answer your questions. I was chocked. Never in my life I went thru this. The older longtime present nurses left and we were PUSHED by management into retirement (money, money, money). I remember one of my colleague nurses,-she was such a goodhearted person- saying to me :" it's becoming more and more a hostile environment, I'm going to retire !!! " And she did.
Looking at the present world and reading what's going on in the church helps me to understand everything I've been going thru the last 10 years. I could have never pictured it.
Now I understand the words of Jesus to me -via a spiritual child of Padre Pio- "do you want to follow Me on the Way to Calvary, do you want to help Me carry My Cross" I immediately said : "Yes, Jesus, yes" Now I start understanding more and more the suffering Jesus went thru for us His ungrateful children. Riki

Unknown said...

To Johnfrom HolyRosary :

that's when I wrote the Poem : WWJD (after the humiliating and rude experience I had with Rev.(?) M. Diskin = Jesus would never have acted like he did ) I didn't go to ask for money, far from, I just went to ask if he could give me information or addresses about something others (i.e.) a deacon advised me to do. (I told him what is was about)



Lord that doesn’t sound like you !
“Of course not, child, I’m imitating
the behavior of members of my crew
it bothers Me it’s very irritating”

Lord it’s urgent I’m in dire strait !
“and I am in a meeting, child”
the only thing for you is “to wait”
Just “keep on trying” He then smiled

“BTW you didn’t give Church tithing
my representatives are really upset”
Why ? oh Lord I’m barely surviving
my job is gone, I’m in a lot of debt

Your pastors, Lord, nowadays
are consumed by worldly matters
they put the needy in the sick bays
far away avoiding nasty scatters

“I know all to well what’s going on
the day is close in justice I will come
then they’ll long for times foregone
Wanting it or not, they will succumb”

Jesus You never needed a steeple
Your word is not bound to a temple
You preached in front of the people
You’ve always been a living example

“My child, just come to Me day or night
I love you, I’m always there for you
your future kiddy will be ever so bright
pray for My pastors, only a few do”

“I will never forsake you, My loved devotee
I see everything, I know everything
remember “nothing is impossible” for Me
I give you my Royal Heavenly Blessing”

Jesus, I offer you my pains and mishaps for the Church
Rita Biesemans, September 18 2014

G.S. said...

Regarding Our Lady Immaculate in Athol, we used to have FIVE Masses every weekend. Now there is one Sunday Mass and one Vigil Mass. The collection is bottoming out as well. According to the bulletin, the collection last weekend was $1, 690.31. The weekly budget is $3,200. This represents a shortfall of $1,186.81.

And still, the parish leadership doesn't get it.


Michael F Poulin said...

Please come to Sunday Mass 10:30 at St Paul's in Warren MA someday soon. It's a Latin Mass and very reverent and quite a beautiful church. Fr. Becker is a great and holy priest. I know it's a bit of a hike but it can be done! I think you would find our men and women and children quite friendly, and very serious about their faith like yourself.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Thanks Michael. I will definitely try to make it this summer. It's a haul. I attend the Latin Mass at Still River when I can and at a private chapel at an undisclosed location in New Hampshire (not Richmond).

Thank God for the Latin Mass.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

God Bless you and keep you and your family. The Man of Sin is here. I can feel it.

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