Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Biblical response to a nation in crisis.....

Breitbart is reporting:

A Christian group called American Renewal Project will host a major prayer meeting this Saturday at the North Charleston Coliseum to “pray and fast for America.” The six-hour event, which is being billed as “The Response SC,” will feature South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal as two of the day’s speakers.

A press release for the event states that the biblical response to a nation in crisis is “to gather in humility and repentance and ask God to intervene.” It describes the meeting as “a historic gathering of people from across the nation to pray and fast for America” that hopes to draw some 10,000 people to “worship God, seek repentance and pray for reconciliation, reformation and revival.”

The encounter, which will be live-streamed by Breitbart News, is being billed as an inter-faith meeting to pray “for those in need, for life, for strong families and just laws.”

Though some have suggested that Jindal will be using the occasion for “stumping,” organizers have insisted on the strictly spiritual nature of the meeting. Doug Stringer, a Houston minister who is helping to organize The Response SC, said the event will include music from three worship teams, but “no egos and no logos.”

Similarly, David Lane, president and founder of the American Renewal Project, said the meeting would focus on fasting and prayer to Jesus and would be non-commercial and non-political.

“No DVD sales, no book sales, no T-shirt sales, no concession stand,” Lane said, just “fasting and prayer.”

“Our goal is to restore America to a biblically based culture, and we recognize that only God can do it,” he said.

This is most admirable.  But the Church must also engage in deliverance prayer and fasting, for the Lord Jesus has told us that some demons are only driven out by such means.

Father Jeffrey Steffon, in his book entitled "Satanism: Is It Real?", reminds us that, "Deliverance prayer is one of the oldest traditions of the Catholic Church. In the Our Father we pray, 'Deliver us from evil.' That prayer is a prayer for deliverance. Christians are able to pray for deliverance from evil spirits because Jesus gave them that power. In Luke 10 Jesus commissioned the seventy disciples to spread the kingdom of God. In this action Jesus gave them authority over demonic spirits. The seventy, upon their return to Jesus, exclaimed, 'Even the demons are subject to us in your name!'

Though Jesus gave His followers such power, it is up to individual Christians to use it...Deliverance prayer is not exorcism. There are two forms of exorcism: solemn and private. Solemn exorcism is a liturgical rite and public action of the Catholic Church. Solemn exorcism is performed only by an official delegate of the Bishop. Private exorcism is not a public, liturgical rite. The terms private (or simple) exorcism and deliverance refer to the same action. This style of prayer is used to curb the influence of Satan in the lives of Christians. Whereas in solemn exorcism only the delegate of the Bishop may perform the exorcism, any Christian can say the deliverance prayer.

Deliverance prayer is said in the name of the person of Jesus. Solemn exorcism is prayed in the name of Jesus and the whole Catholic Church. It would seem logical that a priest, by the power of the sacrament of Holy Orders, has a greater commission than the laity to pray the deliverance prayer. This is not always the case, however, because this prayer is a charism. God can give charisms to whomever He chooses..." (pp. 174-175).

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, responding to certain questionable activities, published a statement which said (in part):

..the Bishops are requested to watch that, even in cases where a true diabolical possession is excluded, those who lack the proper permission do not supervise or direct the assemblies in which prayers are used to obtain a releasing, in the course of which the devils are disturbed and their identities sought. However, the declaration of these norms by no means should keep the faithful from praying to be delivered from evil, as Jesus taught. Moreover, the Bishops will be able to use any given opportunity to recall what the tradition of the Church teaches about the role played by the sacraments and the intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary, of the Angels, and of the Saints in the spiritual struggle of Christians against evil spirits."

What are we waiting for then?


Unknown said...


O my Jesus, let me never forget
that I live for, thru and in You
that this world is not a safety net
but a vitally necessary pass thru.

Rita Biesemans April 28 2013

We fast Wednesdays and Fridays and pray our daily Rosaries (with the statue of Saint Michael and Our Lady) the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries for our Country, for Israel and the whole world.

Betty said...

And a Church in crisis:

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