Sunday, July 26, 2015

Father Joseph Krupp on the role of Francis: Please pass the Kool-Aid

Father Joseph Krupp*, as noted here, does not always understand the pope, but he said he never questions his wisdom.

"If or when he says something that shakes what I am comfortable with, I believe it is my job to assume that I am wrong and take it to prayer," said Krupp of Manitou Beach...I believe it is his job to make me uncomfortable and get me to 'expand my tent pegs.’”

Father Krupp's comments are merely the tip of a very troubling iceberg.  There is a push to indoctrinate Catholics to accept the notion that the Pope's role is that of a cult leader: Whatever he says or does shouldn't even be questioned.  Therefore, if Francis assures us that homosexual "marriage" is compatible with God's Holy Word and Sacred Tradition, we should assume that we are wrong, take the matter to prayer, and give thanks that we have a Pontiff who is "expanding our tent pegs."

That this load of bovine scatology comes from a self-identified "traditional priest" is nothing less than amazing.  I am reminded of those public service ads exhorting teens to just say no to crack.

We have a Deposit of Faith which has been revealed by God and entrusted to a Custodian established by God Himself and endowed with infallible protection against change or error. As Dei Verbum, No. 10 of Vatican II states:

"..the task of authentically interpreting the word of God, whether written or handed on, has been entrusted exclusively to the living teaching office of the Church, whose authority is exercised in the name of Jesus Christ. This teaching office is not above the word of God, but serves it, teaching only what has been handed on, listening to it devoutly, guarding it scrupulously and explaining it faithfully in accord with a divine commission and with the help of the Holy Spirit, it draws from this one deposit of faith everything which it presents for belief as divinely revealed.

It is clear, therefore, that sacred tradition, Sacred Scripture and the teaching authority of the Church, in accord with God's most wise design, are so linked and joined together that one cannot stand without the others, and that all together and each in its own way under the action of the one Holy Spirit contribute effectively to the salvation of souls."

Understand?  This is the clear and unambiguous teaching of the Church. The Pope is not above the Word of God. It is his vocation to serve this Word, teaching ONLY WHAT HAS BEEN HANDED ON AND GUARDING THIS SACRED DEPOSIT FAITHFULLY.

The October Synod is almost upon us.  Last year, Francis asserted that the Church had one year to "mature." One can only shudder at what he meant by such an asinine comment.

Irregardless of what he meant, Father Krupp's position is untenable.  Hold to Tradition.  Persevere in the Faith of our Fathers.  Pray as never before.  For the Devil has entered the Church and is being assisted by ecclesiastical masonry with the goal of pulling down the Church from within.

* Traditional priest?  See here.

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