Friday, April 15, 2016

Why does Francis have such sympathy for Judas?

The Amateur Brain Surgeon notes how Francis's sympathy for Judas contradicts the Church's Tradition.

Back in 2012, Pope Benedict XVI said that a lack of sincerity in life is “the mark of the devil” as witnessed in the decision of Judas Iscariot to continue following Jesus Christ even after he had ceased to believe in him.

Pope Benedict stressed that, “The problem is that Judas did not go away, and his most serious fault was falsehood, which is the mark of the devil. This is why Jesus said to the Twelve: ‘One of you is a devil’..." See here.

So why does Francis have sympathy for the one Jesus refers to as a devil? Because he is betraying the Church himself.

Father Vincent Miceli, S.J., explains the vice of treason:

"The vice that destroys the justice and order of any society is called treason.  Treason is a special, unnatural hatred of God as the author of one's being; it is also hatred of one family which gives birth and nourishment to the person; it is hatred of one's fatherland which endows it's subjects with citizenship in a social milieu that guarantees human dignity, liberty and peace.  Treason is the ultimate ingratitude.  Judas hated Jesus, his benevolent savior and sold him into the hands of his enemies.  The betrayal of Judas created chaos in the community of the twelve...There is a satanic, despicable dimension in the character of every traitor."

Isn't this why Francis is anxious to pardon Judas and make excuses for him?  Because he himself is a traitor?

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Athol/Orange Catholic said...

I think Francis wants to make excuses for Judas for that very vice he recognizes in himself.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

It is a possible.

We are often asked today to assume and then stress only the good in people. When we point out anything ugly, we risk being accused of projecting on others what is really in us.

But I ask, how is it possible, while having a sinful nature, not to know sin at all? For example, as a parent am I to deny the sin I see in my beloved child, and not to attempt to correct it - for fear that I would accuse myself?

Jorge Bergoglio seems to me a lover of the underdog. He seems very quick to judge the seemingly privileged (whole groups of people, each of whom has an individual conscience, and each of whom will have God judge him as an individual) - negatively, as unrepentant Pharisees, and always determined to judge the underdog (again, whole groups of people) - as the entitled victim.

He visits the island of Lesbos today, I think - in support of economic migrants and war refugees he seems determined to see exclusively as victims of war. I saw reports from Lesbos, where Greeks are crying, begging their rulers to help them get their lives back. The EU episcopate just announced that the EU should drop their agreement with Turkey, according to which some of the "refugees" would have to leave Europe.

This is treason. I don't believe that I am assuming the worst in people. I simply see that Europe and Christianity are being deliberately destroyed by this Pope and his bishops. As Europeans are being invaded, increasingly policed and even raped, they are ordered to accept it quietly. This is the Christian way, according to this Pope.

He can see a lot of nuance and complication, when it comes to simple and base things like adultery and sodomy. Yet in this cleverly designed process of destruction of nations he sees no nuance.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

If this additional comment is too much, please just don't post it.
I think Jorge Bergoglio IS a Judas, because he indulges the flesh, and denies the spirit. Jesus told us to seek the Kingdom of Heaven first, and the rest would be added on to us. Therefore it seems necessary for a follower of Jesus to deny the flesh (for example a flesh wanting to walk away from one's wife/husband with someone nicer-seeming) - so that through the denial of the flesh the spirit can grow.

It is similar with the so called refugees. Their real or perceived poverty (many "refugees" admit to simply wanting a better life in the despised West that allegedly owes them home and welfare money) with this Pope takes precedence over the needs of Christian families and entire Nations every time. The closer to the flesh, the more important it seems to be to the so called Vicar of Christ.

He refuses to look after the most important need of men - the thirst for Truth, for Jesus Christ. Bergoglio rejects the missionary mission of the Church. Poverty of the flesh is his entire focus, poverty of the spirit doesn't even register on his radar.

How is this NOT being a Judas? While supposedly representing Jesus Christ, while being His most important witness on earth, the Argentinian speaks of social justice (a big globalist lie used to usher in the new world order, one based in humanism/Luciferianism) before the UN, and doesn’t even mention the only Way, the only Truth, the Life.

His pride, his belief in social justice, in this fake unity and peace without Jesus he pushes for, is the ultimate treason for a Christian, not to mention pope.

Cyn M. said...

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas, you so succinctly summed up the situation with Francis, all i will do is second what you wrote. Amen, I agree.

Unknown said...

to Dorota : I think Jorge Bergoglio IS a Judas, : you took the words out of my mouth o:) o:) o:)

Reading the article I was thinking : well he loves Judas because he himself is a Judas, he is betraying Christ and the Church He founded.

He is destroying everything Jesus Christ built up : well if he does NOT convert and asks Jesus for forgiveness and confesses openly to the whole world that he is the deceiver, he knows where he will end up with : satan and his cohort !!!

Unknown said...

To Dorota : "He visits the island of Lesbos today" !!!

I'll tell you the story of that Island which a female tour guide told us when we visited the Greeks islands.
Lesbos was only populated by women (that's where the name "Lesbians" comes from). Every man who tried to enter/visit the island was killed by them. One day a man who tried to enter the island was told : "take off, if you dare enter we will surely kill you"
The man said : ok, but if so I want to be killed but the most ugly of you, women.
That started a fight amongst the women, no one wanted to be "the most ugly". So while they were fighting the man visited, saw the island and left alive and well.

Elizabeth said...

Signs of the proximity of Antichrist...

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