Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Now that Trump is President-Elect, Francis wants us to practice "fraternal cooperation"

Time is reporting:

Pope Francis has called for “dialogue, mutual acceptance and fraternal cooperation” the morning after Donald Trump’s election to the U.S. Presidency.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday for one of his near daily messages to the faithful, the Pontiff implored for the world to share more of god’s “merciful love”:

Dialogue, mutual acceptance and fraternal cooperation?  

What would Francis know of these things?  While referring to Trump as being "Non-Christiano," Francis practically campaigned for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.  See here.

Francis has not been a bridge builder or a champion of dialogue.  He has created an atmosphere of division and discord within the Church.  Francis is an ideologue who sows chaos and hostility.  He wouldn't recognize fraternal cooperation if it were stapled to his forehead.


Ralph E. said...

That simply makes me want to throw up. He would have said the same if that horrible "woman" had won.
Actually he must be very unhappy.
Good.If he is unhappy then I am perfectly happy.

Heather said...

Before the era of modernist popes, popes had the responsibility of shepherding the catholic peoples to a life of grace, proper spiritual catholic discipline according to true Catholic Doctrine and Dogma, the Extraordinary Roman Rite Mass, proper perfect confession, ember days Pope Pius X's oath against modernism and The Saint Michael Prayer prayed at mass, along with proper sacramentals etc...etc.

This peace love kumbayah...can we all get along nonsense makes me nauseous. Francis along with John Paul II may be the worst popes ever, while they may have been a few wicked popes they were not heretics, I am not sure the same argument can be made for the concilliar popes of the modernist era

Unknown said...

The colorful race called Humanity

O my Lord, I really don’t understand
all the hassle about race or skin color
this hatefulness is going out of hand
aren’t we all created in Your honor

I grew up without any idea of racism
meeting a different skinned person
was exciting enriching magnetism
it gave my soul a gentler version

To live in a loveless egocentric world
is more of a punishment than of a gift
almost everyone in himself is curled
my soul, O Lord, really needs a lift

Different shades are more inviting
than the boring one color only idea
to love each other without fighting
is far away from the forbidden tree

We are born with a colorless soul
spotless, impeccable and eternal
without it the body is not whole
let’s therefore strife to be fraternal

Rita Biesemans, November 12 2016

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