Saturday, March 04, 2017

Notre Dame de Sainte-Croix in Paris succumbs to diabolical disorientation

Life Site News reports:

"A Catholic school in Paris has apologized for handing out a pamphlet to students that forthrightly defends Christian teaching on sex and the sanctity of life.

Sixteen and seventeen-year-old students at Notre-Dame de Sainte-Croix, a private Catholic school, were given a sex-education booklet during catechism class.

The 80-page booklet, written by Fr. Jean-BenoƮt Casterman, is titled, "How to have a successful love and sex life." It encourages abstinence, frankly addresses same-sex attraction, and discourages abortion.

Parents were "horrified," according to

As a result of complaints, the schoolmaster, Pierrick Madinier, issued a press release apologizing, saying that booklet was distributed by the school's pastoral team before he had had the chance to examine it.

He assured parents that the pro-marriage and pro-life booklet would not be given out anymore..."

Commentary from Sister Lucia of Fatima:

"Let people say the Rosary every day, Our Lady has repeated that in all of Her apparitions, as if to fortify us in these times of diabolical disorientation, in order that we not let ourselves be deceived by false doctrines...

Unfortunately, in religious matters, the people for the most part are ignorant and allow themselves to be led wherever they are taken. Hence, the great responsibility of the one who has the duty of leading them..."

"It is a diabolical disorientation that is invading the world, deceiving souls! It is necessary to stand up to the devil."*

*See here.


Heather said...

I noticed your quote from Sister Lucia as well as the photo you posted
"Let people say the Rosary every day, Our Lady has repeated that in all of Her apparitions, as if to fortify us in these times of diabolical disorientation, in order that we not let ourselves be deceived by false doctrines..

I personally believe the possibility, let me emphasize possibility, of a false Sister Lucia the obvious difference are the teeth. Much evidence has been put forth by Tradition in Action Website on the Sister Lucia issue and viewers can come to their own conclusions. As for myself I am filled with foreboding. If an alleged impostor was established it was approximately in the late 1940's

According to the theory the photo displayed here is the one alleged to be false but does this quote posted here prior to 1950 or post 1950.

Let me state for the record I am a firm believer in Fatima and always pray for the Consecration of Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Our Dear Beautiful Beloved Ever Virgin Blessed Immaculate Mother Mary... Mother of God.

My heart is distraught over this departure of the Vatican from the True Catholic Faith that existed during and under the last True Completed Catholic Council...that being The Council of Trent. Tragically most of today's catholics the Catholic Faith began with Pope John Paul II and current with Bergoglio, they sold their souls to the Vatican II sect.

As a result we have liberal effeminate priests, that are full of peace, love, kumbya can we all just get along homilies, abject refusal to preach the realities of hell. According to newly promoted to Bishop Barron Adam and Eve are just prose i.e. fiction. People with sexual perversions need not repent, "tolerance and'respect' for sodomy and sodomites" sodomite friendly parishes declining mass attendance all under the 50+ year lifespan of Vatican II. That is the tip of the iceberg. The very reason we have a diabolical Notre Dame de Sainte-Croix is the Vatican II sect and over 50 years of liberal catholic brainwashing from the TRUE Catholic Faith

We have established new lows under Vatican II, we now have a pathway for illegitimate saints thanks to the Pope John Paul II abolition of advocatus diaboli, okay maybe abolish is strong but for all intents and purposes that is the case, but if one wants to be fair to a modernist pope the pontificate of John Paul II, who in 1983, issued the constitution Divini Perfectionis Magister which overhauled the entire canonization process as it had been known since the Tridentine era, abrogating all previous law on the process and laying down new norms. Under John Paul II's reforms, the role of the Promotor Fidei is replaced by a Secretary, whose job is mainly that of a chairman to ensure that procedure is followed.At the end of the day it will give us illegitimate saints.

I have much more I could write in the comment but I have gotten my point across. I am not sure this comment will be allowed. I spoke from my heart, while it is not politically correct theologically speaking. In scripture John the Baptist used the term "brood of vipers" referring to the Pharisees and Saducees, Jesus Himself used the term, which in its day was the highest insult that could be leveled. The Good Lord knows I tried to be fair and honest in my comment I pray it is allowed by the blog author. Whether it goes through or not my heart and prayers go out to the blog author a true catholic

Unknown said...


This world has gone nuts
you really need some guts
to withstand the temptation
not to loose your salvation

While the world is going wild
you will be “the pitiful exiled”
You’ll be pushed into a corner
where you’ll be the mourner

But the only thing that matters
is not to act as poor beggars
no, for when you follow the Lord
you throw this world overboard

Satan knows where he can go
to play his demonic puppet show
back into the hottest fires of hell
where forever all devils will dwell

Fight back every satanic ruse
ok you might have to sing the blues
but what counts is the end result
you being the victor over all the occult

In the meantime full hearted venerating
and prayerfully, faithfully awaiting
the return of the One and only Creator
Who will forever ban satan, His traitor
Rita Biesemans March 5 2017

Anonymous said...

The earth itself is tearing up at the seams because we, the prideful children of vanity, refuse to amend our ways to the Way of Christ.

The true path of life is now leading underground, where those who desire The Holy Life can hide from the eyes of hatred.

Anonymous said...

There is the very distinct possibility that Sr. Lucia was not allowed to be seen after the 1957 interview with Fr. Fuentes. The teeth are totally different. Also the receding chin of the real Lucia and the prominent chin of the false Lucia.

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