Sunday, May 14, 2017

Francis: Delusions of grandeur and the Fatima message...

Les femmes on the egomaniacal Francis:

"After 4 years of reinterpreting the Catholic faith for us, Francis, never one to leave any teaching unmolested, now helpfully corrects our Blessed Mother, setting her and the 3 children straight on just who is the "bishop dressed in white." It's him. It's he! It's Francis."

Francis has admitted to suffering from mental illness.  He is now exhibiting delusions of grandeur.  He is quoted as having said [about his critics, whose number is growing exponentially], that: “They criticize me, first, because I don’t speak like a pope, and second, because I don’t act like a king.”

This is to imply that previous popes did act like kings and that they spoke in a way which is somehow inappropriate in the sense of being regal or pretentious.

We've seen this "I'm better than all previous popes" mindset from Francis over the last four years.  See here.  And now the modernist false prophet with delusions of grandeur is placing himself at the center of the Fatima message.

This comes as no surprise.  As noted here, such delusions, "..are often associated with fictional, religious, or supernatural themes.  A person suffering from delusions of grandeur may believe that they deserve public recognition as the human incarnation of Jesus Christ.  Individuals afflicted with these types of delusions often have diagnosable psychiatric conditions such as: bipolar disorder, delusional disorder, or schizophrenia."


Unknown said...


The signs of the times
speak loud and clear
the sounds of the chimes 
are set in high gear 

Progressives are winning
the hearts and the mind
of those who are sinning
while keeping them blind

They play the “good guys”
people are in adoration
gladly following their lies 
on the way to damnation

Rome will loose the faith
said Our Lady at La Salette
they close the Heaven’s gate
playing the harbinger’s trumpet

Nowadays everything goes
“Jesus forgave all sinners”
forget violent Death Throes
In Jesus there are only winners

No words about “go and sin no more”
no life style change exhortation
no admonition on how to restore
the only true way to our salvation

Rome Rome you kicked out Peter
and gave Jesus the Judas kiss
remember the end of this cheater
“repent’ or end up in the abyss !!!

Rita Biesemans, October 9 2014

Barbara Jensen said...

I think Bergoglio knows well what the Fatima message really means. This is his reason for diverting attention from its true religioius significance and inserting instead himself. He knows well the spiritual battle that is occurring. Francis is a willing and conscious tool of the forces of evil. At the expense of being judgmental, to me he manifested genuine contempt for the Fatima ceremonies on the 12th and the 11q3th just passed. He appeared awkward to me because he does not believe any of it it at all. He is indeed the 'man of iniquity of which Our Blessed Mother spoke about in her messages to Father Gobbie.

Anonymous said...

The one who has to announce he is a king is no king at all.

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