Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Building Sodomy Church under Francis...

From The American Catholic:

"It should always be recalled that a large part of the impetus behind Pope Francis and his attempt to transform the Catholic Church into an Episcopal Church with worse music is the Lavender Mafia.  One of the poster children for the Lavender Mafia is Father James Martin, SJ.  Liturgy Guy connects the dots:

With each passing week the pace quickens. The revolutionaries continue to grow more emboldened. There is no time to lose. For those who wish to remake the Church in the image of fallen Man, instead of defending the immutable Truth of Our Risen Lord,  the time is now.

With every new tweet to his 125,000 followers on Twitter, or every pro-LGBT article shared to his half a million Facebook followers, Fr. James Martin, S.J. ups the ante. The rogue Jesuit (which might be redundant), described by some as a wolf in sheeps clothing (or Roman collar), has apparently made it his personal mission to change the faith of our fathers.

As I’ve written about  before, Fr. Martin’s latest effort is Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity (Harper Collins, 2017). The book is interesting enough for the simple fact that it largely comes from an address Fr. Martin gave to New Ways Ministry in October of last year.


What is different now from the past, however, is Rome itself. Leading the defense of orthodoxy and doctrinal clarity back then was Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. While Fr. Robert Nugent and Sr. Jeannine Gramick could spread their errors and ambiguities, they did so with the condemnation of the Holy See. That is not the case with Pope Francis."

In fact, Francis the Freemason has said that "The Catholic Church should not dismiss out of hand civil unions, but should study them" and that, "the issue of gay marriage should be studied and not dismissed out-of-hand.."

Francis should be dismissed.  His words come not from the Holy Spirit, but from the Father of Lies (John 8:44).

The sin of homosexuality, [and here we are speaking of homosexual acts] is condemned in both the Old and New Testaments.  Saint Peter, our first Pope, in his Second Epistle, says:

"And reducing the cities of the Sodomites, and of the Gomorrhites, into ashes, God condemned them to be overthrown, making them an example to those that should afterwards act wickedly.  And he delivered just Lot, oppressed by the injustice and lewd conversation of the wicked." (2 Peter 2: 6-7).

The sin of homosexuality has been condemned by Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and by the Popes, for 2,000 years.  And with good reason, Saint Peter Damian [himself a Doctor of the Church] explains that the sin "should not be considered an ordinary vice, for it surpasses all of them in enormity." (The Book of Gomorrah).

The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that: "Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that 'homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.'" (2357).  Which is why, in his 1994 Angelus Address, protesting against a special resolution crafted by the European Parliament encouraging the nations of Europe to approve homosexual "marriage," Pope John Paul II said that, "What is not morally acceptable, however, is the legalization of homosexual acts.  To show understanding towards the person who sins, towards the person who is not in the process of freeing himself from this tendency, does not at all mean to diminish the demands of the moral norm (cf. Veritatis Splendor, No. 95)...

But we must say that what was intended with the European Parliament's resolution was the legitimization of a moral disorder.  Parliament improperly conferred an institutional value to a conduct that is deviant and not in accordance with God's plan...Forgetting the words of Christ 'The truth shall set you free' (John 8:32), an attempt was made to show the people of our continent a moral evil, a deviance, a certain slavery, as a form of liberation, falsifying the very essence of the family."

But Francis has implied that respect for homosexual persons, which should consist of an authentic charity which shows them the unnatural lie they have embraced and that they should view with horror the sin in which they find themselves, might mean changing the Church's teaching.

The Church teaches otherwise.  The CDF has taught authoritatively that, "There are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God's plan for marriage and family.  Marriage is holy, while homosexual acts go against the natural moral law.  Homosexual acts 'close the sexual act to the gift of life.  They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity.  Under no circumstances can they be approved." (Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons, 4).

Pray for the Church.  That she may be delivered from the devils within who desire to build a false Church consecrated to Lucifer which fully embraces the plague of filthy sodomite sexual acts.


Barbara Jensen said...

When will those prelates, with the official authority to do so, declare this abomination in Rome the antipope that he is? It is time to stop being horrified about what he is doing--and the boldness with which he moves forward due to no solid criticism of him--and declare him an antipope who does not speak in the Name of Christ. The substantiated 'rumor' that he has a secret commission formed which is creating a new Mass is very easy to believe. Will we have to wait until this monster at the top dismisses the Eucharistic Christ before we see any prelate stand up to him--boldly and clearly in defense of Christ's Church? I am sick to death of people being 'horrified at what Bergoglio says and does. He is of the devil and there is no other way to say it. According to Catholic prophecy he is the false prophet. The Church is being ripped apart day by day and we stand and watch it happen and discuss how horrified we are. The orthodox Bishops andCardinals--are there any left?--need to get him out and fast.

TLM said...

I agree Barbara! 1000%!! The only thing I see holding the Cardinals back is FEAR! I'd like to tell the 4 Cardinals who keep haranguing Bergoglio to 'answer the Dubia' over and over again, that their 'tactics' are not working. He'll answer them and give them an Audience when pigs fly. I can't believe that they are naive enough to think that he will. There has to be something they can do to get him OUT. Someone needs to remind them to: BE NOT AFRAID!! Those that have been following this guy are no longer 'shocked' at his bold dissent, they are DISGUSTED and SICKENED with this Papacy.

And now, the 'Lavender Mafia' seemed to have nailed Cardinal Pell. They will do away with anyone who threatens to out their gay sex/drug parties and money laundering operation. 'Know' too much and you're 'going down.' If anyone in the Vatican could easily blow the whistle it's Cardinal Pell. I don't believe ONE WORD of these new 'allegations' they've drummed up that accuse him of multiple pedophile charges. These filthy cockroaches are famous for paying people off to 'come forward' with accusations. The Vatican is now one big 'bathhouse' teaming with diabolical sodomites that will do anything to protect their 'turf'. It's stomach turning to witness the total depravity that has engulfed the Vatican. And make no mistake, where there is rampant sodomy, children are being abused, no doubt about it.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Ripped apart by sodomites:

Anonymous said...

On Sunday May 9, 1527, an army descending from Lombardy reached the Janiculum. The Emperor, Charles V, enraged at Pope Clement VII’s political alliance with his adversary, the King of France, Francis I, had moved an army against the capital of Christendom. That evening the sun set for the last time on the dazzling beauties of Renaissance Rome. About 20,000 men, Italians, Spaniards and Germans, among whom were the Landsknecht mercenaries, of the Lutheran faith, were preparing to launch an attack on the Eternal City. Their commander had given them license to sack the city. All night long the warning bell of Campidoglio rang out calling the Romans to arms, but it was already too late to improvise an effective defense. At dawn on the 6th of May, favoured by a thick fog, the Landsknechts launched an assault on the walls, between St. Onofrio and Santo Spirito.

There were no lack of premonitory warnings: lightening striking the Vatican and the appearance of a hermit, Brandano da Petroio, venerated by the crowds as “Christ’s Madman”, who, on Holy Thursday 1527, while Clement VII was blessing the crowds in St. Peter’s shouted: “sodomite bastard, for your sins Rome will be destroyed. Confess and convert, for in 14 days the wrath of God will fall upon you and the City.”

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