Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Lying and homicide: The marks of today's Democratic Party

Writing for The Wanderer, Rey Flores notes that, "The Democrats really do not understand the American people at all, at least not the sane ones. It’s probably not so much that they do not understand people like you and me, but that they refuse to try and accept the reality which so justly keeps backfiring on them every time they think they’ve got us beat.

From the ludicrous Russian collusion fairytales to the Supreme Court nominations and hearings, Democrat socialists, which are one and the same, have no agenda to make America better. They have proven to be the party of absolutely nothing other than hate, lies, and spite. Their hatred for outsider President Trump is greater than any love any of them may have ever had — but it’s very doubtful — for our nation and her people.

They are embarrassingly still smarting from the smashing defeat of Hillary Clinton in 2016 and have had no sleep ever since. The news and entertainment media, and the social media tech giants, which are basically extensions of the Democrat National Committee (DNC), have been working overtime, plotting their next move against our president.
Again, remember that when they are going after Trump, they are coming after all of us. This means everyone from millionaire socialist Bernie Sanders, to America-hater Kamala Harris and that sodomite mayor from Indiana who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mad Magazine mascot Alfred E. Neuman. They are all way off the charts.

Then there’s former Vice President Joe Biden who has spent more than half of his adult life in public office and still has the gall to announce that unless he becomes president, the country will continue to fail. It’s exactly people like Biden who have had more than enough chances to lead, but instead they just become another do-nothing D.C. swamp creature.

It’s interesting how the left has declared war against rich, old white guys, yet two of their strongest contenders — which isn’t saying much with that whole bunch — are both rich and old white guys. I know others have pointed this irony out, but I think it’s worth repeating just to rub their hypocritical noses in that steaming hot pile of you-know-what that they just made on the front lawn of our political system.
While it’s fun to watch the leftists make complete fools of themselves, it’s no laughing matter when they are enacting all types of legislation taking abortion extremism into entirely new hellish realms.

What the Democrats are doing now in states like New York, Illinois, and Virginia is taking their rage out on the unborn citizens of our country. The passage of recent infanticide laws in those states further proves that Democrats’ main strategy in the 2020 races is mainly to “out-abort” each other.

As we have all watched in horror, this isn’t just about aborting innocent children in the womb — these bloodthirsty savages on the left have officially crossed the line from abortion into infanticide. Thank God for the leadership in states like Alabama and Georgia who are countering the tide of human sacrifice going on in other parts of our country!

When a nation can rationalize the kinds of abortion and infanticide laws which are worsening at every step Democrats take today, I say it’s time to take the fight to them at every level. Where are the activist judges on our side? Why is it that we have allowed things to get as ugly as they are when it comes to defending and protecting the sanctity of human life?

Since 2016, many Americans have joined the #WalkAway movement which has seen countless citizens walk away from the Democrat left and join the Republican Party. Now just to make it clear, I’m not a big fan of political parties, but in today’s political climate, I think it’s easy to see which side of the aisle we need to stand on as Catholics and other God-fearing Christians.
2020 is right around the corner. If you think it’s a long way off and that we still have time to be complacent and still win, you are sorely mistaken. Now is the time to make sure that you and everyone who sides with us is registered to vote. Now is the time to start raising awareness about the dreadful future that awaits us if these crooked Democrats steal the election.

Get Busy!"

Lying and homicide, the marks of the Devil (See John 8). These two marks are enshrined within today's Democratic Party.

The Moloch State, which the Democratic Party serves and which is being prepared for the arrival of the Man of Sin, will not tolerate Christian opposition to abortion and homosexuality.    As Fr. Miceli explains, "..a religious pagan state that claims total jurisdiction over man is a state directed by demons through the actions of rulers who justify their tyranny by having recourse to their Moloch god.  Such a state provides its subjects not with law and justice, but with order - a man-centered, oppressive, demonic order.  It begets the totalitarian state.  The modern world everywhere is succumbing to the power of such a Moloch state.  For secular, rational and occult humanism denies that there is any really transcendent, higher-than-human voice of authority that cares for man.  Secular and occult humanists are at one in denying the true God.  They are at one in divinizing man, the secularist through science, the occultist through demonic powers.  Both seek power.  The secularist seeks political power in the name of humanity; the occultist seeks the power of the underworld in the name of humanity.  Both seek power for their own benefit.  And both eventually come together to create the super-instrument of power, the modern omnicompetent state which claims absolute authority over the life and death of each citizen."

We know what we have to do.  As Mr. Flores has said, "get busy."  Pray, witness to the truth of the Gospels, resist the Democratic Party with its Satanic platform.


Anonymous said...

Yes, pray and resist! God will hold us accountable for what we have done and what we have failed to do.

God bless you; we rejoice in your return Paul.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Thanks anon. Was hospitalized this past month. God love you.

Cyn M said...

Many politicians behave as if they will never have to meet their maker and give account if their actions. God is not mocked, they will meet with His righteous anger eventually.Good to see you writing ypur blog again. Have been praying for you, so glad you are on the mend. Always in my prayers! God bless

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

That's because they are either practical or material atheists. Thanks for your kind note Cyn. God bless you!

Paul Anthony Melanson said...


Daniel said...

Dear Paul
Welcome back good to see you posting again after long absence You blog is like an oasis in a sea of modernism. although this post is belated and in reference to your previous one I posted it here because I am not sure it will be seen on the other since you posted a new post
As for the democrats are a lost cause, they have been for over a decade. They have become the party of death and blatantly anti-God and anti-Catholic. Abortion has become their new signature issue for 2020.

What deeply troubles me and fills me with foreboding is the Vatican II sect is inline and totally at ease with with their anti-Catholic policies whether abortion, sodomy transgender sickness, decriminalizing prostitution (Kamala Harris) etc. the catholic hierarchy falls inline with it. The novus ordo mass is a sham, all it has become is a gathering for a songfest. Sacramentals are omitted prayers omitted and if there is a short version of a reading or holy Gospel the short version is always chosen. The homilies are a joke, peace love kumbaya can we all get along and do not judge. That is every Sunday

The dress code? Immodesty rules,with women it is either the hooker look or dressed like a Saturday afternoon picnic halter tops cleavage, miniskirts flip flops or the other extreme leaning tower Pisa high heels. The men are not much better shorts flip flops unbuttoned shirts bare chested. Many with godless tattoos and or piercings and the modernist priests are a-okay with that.

The words of Jesus and Catholic prophecy of saints and mystics has come to fruition a false church has arisen. Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani was correct warned that the Novus Ordo, "represents both as a whole, and in its details, a striking departure from the Catholic theology of the Mass as it was formulated in Session 22 of the Council of Trent. Whatever problems exist now are the poisoned fruits of Vatican II which at present to this day not a legitimate Ecumenical Council but a pastoral one. Yet this council has done more damage to Catholicism and the Catholic Mass than anyone could have imagined.
Back to democrats... the Bidens, Pelosis with their anti catholic proclivities will continue to be lauded by the modernist catholic hierarchy.
Our only recourse is the Holy Rosary and prayers for the conversion of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary Mother of God...O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee, and for those who do not have recourse to thee, especially the enemies of the Church and those recommended to thee. Amen.
May God Bless You and the work you do.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Thanks for your kind note and the powerful comment Daniel. Indeed the False Church has fully emerged.

TLM said...

Oh wait!....you mean the DEMONICratic party, right? Yep, that's what I thought:)

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