Sunday, October 27, 2019

Cardinals: Francis has done much damage to the Catholic Church

Gloria TV reports:

“'No pope for centuries has done more damage to the Catholic Church than Francis', wrote English journalist Damian Thompson on Twitter (October 25).  

'This is now the view of a significant number of cardinals, including several who were until recently Francis loyalists.'

Thompson further learned that “many bishops, including some cardinals, will not feel able to attend the Synod's closing Mass if the [Pachamama] statues are on display” - as if closing ones eyes in front of the abomination in the sanctuary were a solution."


Stephen said...

Francis is a disaster. Anyone who can't see this refuses to.He needs to step down.

Cyn M said...

Make no mistake, God is not mocked, He will deal justly with Bergoglio, the heretic. Praying that the Lord will send us a holy and Traditional pope. The chair of Peter is currently vacant, Francis is an antipope. Keep to the the True Faith, little flock.

Barbara Jensen said...

The present circumstance in Rome is a clear fruit of the fact Bergoglio is not the true pope. He is deliberately destroying the Catholic Church and his defiance of God and hatred ion Christ are just so manifest, Once that is understood all the pondering, impatient mumbling will cease and the road to his condemnation will begin. How much information do people need?

Randall said...

We need to consider as well possible demon possession. Anyone promoting idolatry is certainly opening the door to the demonic!

Andrew said...

We are now approaching the Abomination of Desolation. Pagan ceremonies have been enacted to welcome the Man of Sin into the Vatican. The unholy consecration has been accomplished.

Jack said...

Worshipping idols in the very heart of the Vatican is akin to the "Abomination of the Desolation in the Holy Place" of which we were warned by the Scripture.
The wrath of God will fall upon Christendom and peculiarly on its head, Rome.

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