Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Dictator Pope bans the unvaccinated faithful from the Vatican

 Francis is denying the unvaccinated access to the Vatican.   See here.  This is the same Francis who previously said that freedom of conscience must "always and everywhere" be respected.  See here.

In any case, for your consideration:


M. Prodigal said...

The bishop of Rome says one thing and then the contrary on the other--he does this all the time. It is the false and confusing 'church' and not the Holy Catholic Church which does not give two forked answers.

Dave said...

Bergoglio doesn't want Joe Biden barred from Holy Communion but has no problem barring faithful Catholics from that same Eucharist because they're not vaccinated.


Roger said...

Rigid Francis strikes again Dave. He has a neurotic compulsion to control others. Perhaps this is what his Jesuit superior Kolvenbach meant when he described him as a "sociopath. "

Catechist Kev said...


No reaching "out to the peripheries" here. No "accompaniment" for, or "getting the smell of the sheep" of, the unvaccinated. No-no, can't have that. For these are "rigid" souls, you see. They need to be made as an example of being disobedient to the rest of us! They are fundamentalist Pharisees, anyway.

No grace for them!


Jacques DUMON said...

Pope Francis speaks differently through both corners of his mouth and his mouth's left corner doesn't know what the right one said.
Thus he sows much confusion in the catholic faithfuls' minds.
Isn't confusion stemming from the Devil ?

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