Saturday, January 22, 2005

A brilliant rebuttal from Mr. Douglas Bersaw

In a hateful and argumentative e-mail sent to me today, Mr. Douglas Bersaw once again denies the reality of the Holocaust and ignores all of the disturbing facts revealed about his cult in Richmond, New Hampshire. No mention is made of how the Diocese of Manchester has stated clearly that this "community" is not in "union with the Church." No mention is made of the hateful and anti-semitic articles which may be found at the website belonging to his cult. There is no mention in his e-mail of his cults hateful and arrogant attitude toward the Church's authentic teaching as well as its authority.

To his credit, Mr. Bersaw does make one legitimate point. He faults me for suggesting that his cult is located on 200 acres when in reality it rests on 15. This faux pas is not mine however. I was merely quoting from The Boston Globe.

What a tremendous rebuttal.

Having read this man's hateful e-mail, I understand more than ever why so many residents in Richmond worry about his cult. Could the Saint Benedict Center be another Waco in the making?



Tobias Petrus said...

Dear sir,
Would you please provide a copy of Bro. Anthony Mary's (Mr. Bersaw's) email to you, or would you please point out where I could find it?

Thank you,
Tobias Torgerson

Tobias Petrus said...

Dear Sir,
Would you please provide a copy of the email that Bro. Anthony Mary (Mr. Bersaw) sent you?

Thank you,
Tobias Torgerson

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

I would be more than happy to should you provide me with your email.

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