Monday, January 24, 2005

Still more on the Saint Benedict Center Cult

In his acclaimed book on the life of Richard Cardinal Cushing entitled "Cushing of Boston: A Candid Portrait," noted author Joseph Dever - who was both a well known novelist and feature writer for the Boston Sunday Herald as well as a former editor of the Bruce Publishing Company, devotes a chapter to the Leonard Feeney affair.

He writes, "Many Boston Catholics - this writer included - were friends of Feeney and his brother, the whimsical, lovable fellow Jesuit, Thomas Butler Feeney, during World War II and through the late Forties. The relationship was laudable and normal in those days. Eventually, Father Feeney began saying and doing strange things; perhaps he was under exceptional mental strain. His rigid, fanatical emphasis on 'No salvation outside the Church' was bad enough at first...But Father Feeney's rigid fanaticism deteriorated steadily into bitter invective. He reduced the doctrine to the absurd.." (p. 144).

He continues: "Anyone who has ever been to St. Benedict Center during the first days of deterioration, or to the Sunday 'seances' at the Boston Common during the final days, can recall some of Father Feeney's sick, horrifying rhetoric. Even in the early days, no difference of opinion, no matter how gentle or reasonable, would be tolerated." (pp. 145-146).

Of course not. When spiritual pride sets in, it is easy for a person's Catholicism to become perverted. And even angry and possibly violent.

God love you,


Brother Andre Marie said...

Dear Paul,

Christ Jesus be praised!

I hope you readership has noticed your persistent avoidance of my questions. You seem to want to post a "final word" on St. Benedict Center without addressing any words to my objections. For the record, I find this neither manly nor Christian.

Also for the record are the three infallible definitions that Father Feeney insisted upon with such vigor:

* There is but one universal Church of the faithful, outside which no one at all is saved. (Pope Innocent III, Fourth Lateran Council, 1215.)

* We declare, say, define, and pronounce that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff. (Pope Boniface VIII, the Bull Unam Sanctam, 1302.)

* The most Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that none of those existing outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews and heretics and schismatics, can have a share in life eternal; but that they will go into the eternal fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels, unless before death they are joined with Her; and that so important is the unity of this ecclesiastical body that only those remaining within this unity can profit by the sacraments of the Church unto salvation, and they alone can receive an eternal recompense for their fasts, their almsgivings, their other works of Christian piety and the duties of a Christian soldier. No one, let his almsgiving be as great as it may, no one, even if he pour out his blood for the Name of Christ, can be saved, unless he remain within the bosom and the unity of the Catholic Church. (Pope Eugene IV, the Bull Cantate Domino, 1441.)

These definitions, and the various decrees from which they are excerpted, can be found here:

The testimony about Father Feeney you cite from Joseph Dever agrees substantially with what the enemies of our Faith have said about him. Your friends in the ADL could not have said it any better. However, I've known many people who knew Father Feeney -- priests, religious, and laymen; friends, enemies, and those who are indifferent. By and large, the portrait they paint is of a very charitable man who wanted people to go to heaven.

It reminds me of the way their enemies accused St. John the Baptist of being possessed and Our Lord of gluttony and drunkenness. All the while, there were good and holy people who revered them as good and holy. I believe the same words Our Lord used in His and St. John's case apply to Father Feeney: "And wisdom is justified by her children" (Mt. 11:18-19).

The wisdom of preaching the hard truths undiluted Catholicism in the midst of an adulterous generation justifies Father Feeney, even if Paul Melanson, Joseph Dever, and the ADL think otherwise.

I hope this is, indeed, your “final word”; unless, of course, you choose to answer those questions of mind you dodged.

Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, may Our Lord have mercy on your soul.


In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M.
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Paul Anthony Melanson said...

You are engaging in dishonesty Andre. Your rejection of the Church's clear and unambiguous teaching on salvation outside the Church has been refuted.

I pray that you return to the bosom of the Church and renounce your dissent from Magisterial teaching.

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