Friday, January 21, 2005

Some relevant canons

Can. 1041: "The following are irregular as regards the reception of orders:

1. "A person who labors under some form of insanity or other psychic defect due to which, after consultation with experts, he is judged incapable of rightly carrying out the ministry"

2. "A person who has committed the delict of apostasy, heresy or schism"

Can. 1045: "Ignorance of the irregularities and impediments does not exempt from them"

Can. 1016: "As regards the diaconal ordination of those who intend to become members of the secular clergy, the proper bishop is the bishop of the diocese in which the candidate has a domicile or the diocese to which he intends to devote himself; as regards the presbyteral ordination of secular clerics, the proper bishop is the bishop of the diocese into which the candidate has been incardinated through the diaconate"

Can. 1017: "A bishop can confer orders outside his own jurisdiction only with the permission of the diocesan bishop."

Can. 1018: "The following can grant dimissorial letters for the secular clergy:

1. the proper bishop mentioned in can. 1016;

2. an apostolic administrator and, with the consent of the college of consultors, the diocesan administrator; and with the consent of the council mentioned in can. 495, 2, an apostolic pro-vicar and pro-prefect."


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