Monday, July 04, 2005

The Saint Benedict Center Cult in Richmond

The Saint Benedict Center Cult, based out of Richmond, New Hampshire, still hasn't disassociated itself from

If one visits this website, one finds a link to the community in Richmond. There one may also find links to various other websites including:

"The Heretical Press": a website which is violently anti-Semitic and which has further links to pornography. This website also has a picture of what is reportedly a Jewish man who has just been lynched.

"Jew Watch": The name speaks for itself.

"Jewish Tribal Review."

"Birdman Bryant": A website which touts this individual as "The world's most controversial writer."

And "Holy War": Touted as an "Uncompromising anti-Jewish site."

Mr. Karl Keating has asked the same question. Why is it that the Saint Benedict Center in Richmond hasn't distanced itself from And why would this website (a sort of clearinghouse for many anti-Semitic websites) include a link to the SBC in Richmond?

Profoundly disturbing.


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