Saturday, July 09, 2005

Two Quotes

"..the U.S. Bishops Conference has numerous documents regarding the primacy of pro-life issues.." (Mary Worhington, Correspondence Assistant, Priests for Life).

"I do not consider the Senator's position on abortion to be the correct one. I cannot however allow it to become the breaking issue in deciding to support a man who I believe to be electable and who is more adequately attuned to other social issues that I consider equally important." (State Representative Maurice Pilotte).

In other words, the U.S. Bishops have said - on numerous occasions - that the pro-life issue has primacy. But Mr. Pilotte supported radical pro-abortion Senator Joseph Lieberman because he considers "other social issues" to be "equally important." In other words, Mr. Pilotte is ignoring what the U.S. Bishops are saying in this matter and prefers to follow his own agenda.

I wonder if Fr. Arsenault sees this as problematic?


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