Sunday, July 03, 2005

A word on modesty

Sister Mary of the Immaculate Heart (better known as Lucy) to whom Our Blessed Mother appeared at Fatima, once said: "When I think of the United States I think about this: one of the things which Our Lady especially asked for was modesty in dress. There does not seem to be much modesty in the life of the women of your country. But modesty would be a good sacrifice to offer Our Lady, and it would please her if the Catholics in your country would make a league for modesty in dress..."

Some will protest, "What difference does it make how a woman (or a man) dresses? After all, everyone is wearing such and such a style, and God doesn't really concern Himself with fashions as long as we get to Holy Mass or Adoration." But isn't this actually our own opinion rather than His? Is it realistic to suggest that God doesn't expect us to follow His commands regarding purity and the virtue of modesty which guards it?

Isn't it true that Our Lord voiced very strong condemnation of scandal-givers? And isn't it also true that St. Padre Pio, the late holy stigmatist, often deplored the prevalence of immodesty and repeatedly urged a return to modesty? And yet, how often do we witness even Catholics in our society who dress immodestly and who thereby create scandal?

Several weeks ago, while at Eucharistic Adoration with my mother, a young woman who was also present for Adoration prostrated herself before Our Eucharistic Lord wearing a skirt which was so short that it revealed her panties as she did so. Thankfully, my eyes were closed in prayer as this occured. However, my mother witnessed this and found it to be disturbing since I was directly behind the woman when she lowered herself to the floor. If my eyes had been opened I would have seen her undergarments.

And just today, and again at Eucharistic Adoration, another young woman entered the Adoration Chapel dressed in shorts which were entirely too revealing and especially inappropriate for a place of worship. Now, thanks be to God, I learned the art of "custody of the eyes" a long time ago. But it is profoundly disedifying to experience the disrespect some people have for our Eucharistic Lord. One wonders if such people would dress in the same immodest fashion if they were to have an audience with the Queen of England or the President of the United States. I think we all know the answer to that question. Such people would appear properly attired before world leaders of such earthly importance. Then why do they come immodestly attired before the King of Kings, their Creator and Judge?

Make no mistake. I'm not a Puritan. And I have nothing against people wanting to keep cool during the summer months. But certain fashions are inappropriate when at Holy Mass or while adoring Our Eucharistic Lord. In point of fact, the Adoration Chapel I mentioned is air-conditioned. So there is absolutely no reason for the woman sitting across from me in Chapel to be imitating Sharon Stone's performance (which I have not watched nor will I ever) in Basic Instinct.

When people come before Our Lord dressed in fashions which are immodest, they are really saying that they don't respect Him. What could be more sad?


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Anonymous said...

I wear a calf length dress all the time - whether I am hunting in the bush, or at adoration - the cotton is so cool in the summer - I am not bothered by flying insects because of the movement of the clothing as I walk - I am not bothered by sunburn either. In winter, I have a warmer (similar) dress - this is warmer than slacks!!! It's easier to wear a dress - I wash it in the sink once per week - it is incredible how much advantage there is to wearing a calf length dress - (I make mine out of any material I find (sheets, blankets, etc.) - therefore, it costs me pennies to make. The pattern in a "T" shape - sooo easy to make. Come on all you women, get comfortable - wear a calf length dress - save $, save laundry, help save your soul!!!!!

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