Thursday, April 27, 2006

Anti-Catholic for District Attorney?

Attorney Daniel J. Shea, who has referred to the Catholic Church as "a criminal institution," announces bid for District Attorney position:

Attorney Daniel J. Shea, an attorney who represented clergy abuse victims within the Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts and who has referred to the Catholic Church as "a criminal institution," while asserting that "Ratzinger and Co" have engaged in an "international conspiracy to obstruct justice," has announced that he will seek the Democratic nomination to the position of District Attorney for the Middle District, which encompasses Worcester County/Central Massachusetts.

On one occasion, attorney Shea wrote me an email in which he said that the Church, " a criminal institution and those who contribute to it any longer are aiding and abetting this criminal conduct called obstruction of justice." On another occasion, he asserted that I "..seem to be blinded by the ability of Ratzinger and Co. to engage in an international conspiracy to obstruct justice."

Please take the time to read my two articles on attorney Daniel J. Shea, the links to which are below. Note how attorney Shea has been involved with the transgender movement. Attorney Shea's anti-Catholic remarks are a cause for serious concern. Do we really want to see this man elected to the District Attorney's Office of the Middle District? How will Catholics fare under Daniel Shea as a District Attorney? Will Catholics be able to receive justice from a man who has said that Catholics who contribute to the Catholic Church are 'aiding and abetting" a "criminal institution"?

What do you think?

The articles:

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Dave said...

Horrendous! I don't think that Catholics throughout Central Mass want to have an anti-Catholic bigot as their DA.

At least, I hope not.

Lisa said...

Catholics throughout Worcester County should work together to defeat the candidacy of this anti-catholic zealot. Anyone who has the audacity to label the Mystical Body of Christ "a criminal institution" while accusing catholics who donate to the Church of aiding and abetting a criminal enterprise cannot be trusted with such a public office. The man will almost assuredly abuse his power to persecute catholics and other christians of good will.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about Massachusetts surprises me anymore.

Anonymous said...

You would think that Mr. Shea's anti-catholicism would be of interest to both catholic publications and secular ones. So far, there seems to be a news blackout on this subject.

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