Sunday, August 05, 2007

More from Mr. Tom Matson, a concerned citizen from the Monadnock area who has been opposing the anti-Semitic Saint Benedict Center cult in Richmond:

Here is a comment, posted on stormfront, in a discussion about Lt Cmdr. Sharpe, who is a featured speaker at the St. Benedicts Conference in August. Lt. Cmdr Sharpe was relieved of duty and is being investigated for distribution on White Supremacist Materials while an active duty officer in the USN. The quoted posting is in response to the SPLC's article on Lt Cmdr Sharpe."

Default Re: U.S. Navy Suspends 'Radical Traditionalist Catholic

"I'll get right to it and cut to the chase. 'Traditional' (real catholics, real Christians) Catholics outwardly name the jew as murderers of Jesus Christ. That is what this is really about. The same goes for the many and continual examples-alot of which are posted on this site- such as the jews attacking the Polish priest and the jews attacking the Catholic New Hampshire group.

But this is nothing new, the jews obviously don't want to be named and will do anything to put a lid on anyone who singles them out, and those God-fearing Whites won't be seen flying around in israeli jets. The jews, faggots and leftists have attacked the Catholic church over a span of many years and finally managed to destroy her. But what I'm sure that they do understand is that there are MILLIONS of White Catholics who will only become more vocal in what they know to be truth, and nobody will stop them.

The jews and their friends can attack and corrupt the top, yet they have never and will never change the thinking of the flock. They know it. History has a way of repeating itself. The government and media control by the jews will come crashing down on their heads in due time. They cannot fight millions of White Christian men who are knowledgable about jewish perfidy, supremacy and their glaringly obvious hatred of Christianity. Perhaps most are unaware of their satanic seedline, but they're aware of everything else.

The cork is about to pop! and all the alphabet soup jew groups, together with all of their wealth will be prove to be useless when our people fully wake up and act. More and more they are speaking out. It is our job as WN's [ White Nationalists, my note] to help them on their way and educate them further."

The face of hate. One has to wonder. Since Stormfront has come to the defense of the Saint Benedict Center cult, and since one of the guest speakers at their up and coming conference to be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua was relieved of duty and is being investigated by the U.S. Navy for distributing White Supremacist materials while serving on active duty, what exactly is the relationship (if any) between Stormfront and/or other White Supremacist hate groups and the Saint Benedict Center?
More information on John Sharpe and his Legion of St. Louis:


Padre said...

One needs to wonder no further. The posts from Stormfront are unbelievably ugly. The connection is plain as day. Stormfront is anti-Semitic and the SBC is supported by Stormfront.

Terri said...

As a resident of Richmond, NH, I need to correct a part of one sentence. There are no "Jews attacking a Catholic New Hampshire church". That is totally made up. Please keep the truthful information coming, Paul and Tom.

Michelle said...

The picture of Louis Villarrubia looks like Osama Bin Laden. There is a frightening aura about that photograph.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Thank you all for your comments. Padre, while it would appear that Stormfront shares a similiar ideology as the Saint Benedict Center, I haven't seen any definitive proof of a link between the two groups. That being said, the question is a valid one: Is there a link between Stormfront and the SBC? Stormfront appears to be most anxious to defend the SBC and to smear both the SPLC and myself. That alone justifies the question.

If anyone can demonstrate a link between the two groups on paper, I would be more than happy to view it.

God love you,

Susan said...

If there is a link, then there should be a paper trail. Has the State of New Hampshire been notified so that the NHDOJ can look into the matter? Perhaps an investigation is in order here?

Hopefully the Internal Revenue Service has been contacted by now. The SBC falsely asserted to be "Roma Catholic" when applying for tax exemption. This would seem to constitute tax fraud, a federal crime.

Both the State of New Hampshire and the Federal government need to get involved here.

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