Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Prophecy: Society on the Verge of Total Collapse

Virtually all of the great pagan juridical systems acknowledged the fact of wrong-doing and their legal systems prescribed punishment for it. However, in our day, there is a widespread denial of the existence of sin and moral laws. This makes God appear as the Creator of evil. And God hates this blasphemy, pride and hypocrisy on the part of His creature man.

On November 5, 1977, in a locution to Father Stephano Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests, Our Lady said:

“Do not stop to consider the ever thickening darkness, the sin which has been set up as the norm of human action, the suffering which is mounting to its peak and the chastisement which this humanity is preparing with its own hands.”

Our Lady does not want sin and darkness to discourage us. But in our own time, our society continues to suffer from what Pope John Paul II described as “a loss of the sense of sin.” Today, people commit sin, deny it as being sin, and even blasphemously call it virtue.

How can we honestly assert that we have not called down chastisement upon ourselves?


Brian said...

I think a chastisement is iminent. Already we are witnessing major problems with the stock market, natural disasters, wars and various conflicts, global terrorism, an explosion in violent crime etc...Our culture has rejected God and is reaping the harvest of apostasy.

Andrew said...

It's impossible to ignore any more. Things have become so bad that I almost hate to watch the news.

Michelle said...

Isaiah's prophecy is being fulfilled: good called evil and evil called good. But a world which embraces such perversity is nearing its own destruction.

Anonymous said...

I believe in the second coming of Jesus...in the coming chastisement and in the new heaven and the new earth. It is written and it shall be done. But what matters most is my soul...i am not good enough and i am afraid i cannot be good enough. What made me curious is how God will judge or chastise each soul if he is the God of love and justice??

Carrie said...

Anonymous, I, too, believe in the second coming of Christ. If you are truly contrite, God, in His infinite wisdom and love, will find forgiveness for you and others, myself among them, I hope.

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