Saturday, August 18, 2007

Warning Signs?


Anonymous said...

World markets have informed the people that most products which are made in China are quite dangeruos as this news!!! So better not to patronize their products if they would invest it for military weapons. Wishing Pope Benedict the 16 would come soon to China to erase the errors of communism for an open Christianity.

Sanctus Belle said...

The Old Testament is full of examples of Isreal, God's chosen people apostacizing from their religion and breaking God's sacred Covenant. God's response was patience and then at a point He brought the sword against them, driving the survivors into exile. The Jews who lived through the punishment were either slaves or occupied and oppressed. It was only through God's loving chastisment that God's people turned back to Him in sorrow for their sins.

God never changes. He is the same God now as then. We only live in the New Covenent - but openly defying Him and turning away from Him will bring down upon ourselves the same end - a well deserved destruction. Those who survive will be returned to the faith in sorrow and repentance. I am no prophet - I am simply stating what I've learned by reading the OT.

Lord have mercy upon us.

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