Monday, March 17, 2008

More economic signs?

From Michael Brown at Spirit Daily:

Greenspan: Financial Mess Worst Since WWII:

A society blinded by sin and in utter chaos:


Anonymous said...

The sigs are multiplying now faster than we can count them. Pray Pray Pray. Fast.

Anonymous said...

At so many varied places Our Lady has come to warn us about the consequences of turning away from her Son and toward materialistic pursuits and the unbridled quest for pleasure here on earth. We have made a new Tower of Babel. And it's beginning to come down. We only have ourselves to blame. While there is still time, turn to Jesus and find security there. Security doesn't exist anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Even the secular media are realizing more and more that something is really very wrong here. There is no time like Lent to return to Jesus. But the hearts of many have grown cold and indifferent.

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