Monday, May 12, 2008

Archbishop Dolan blasts cults...

"Periodically throughout the church you'll get these crackpots who claim to be bishops or claim to be priests or even claim to be part of the church, and they're not, of course."

- Archbishop Dolan

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Anonymous said...

Louis Villarrubia's followers claim that he's an ordained deacon. Just like other cults, there is much deception.

Anonymous said...

Sarah....exactly. I haven't heard any more wild claims from Eleonore Villarrubia as of late. She seems to have become rather silent. She insisted that her son is a validly ordained Deacon in the Catholic Church. The question now is was this part of an effort to raise monies for the SBC?

There was mention at SBC Watch of police and FBI visiting the compound. But I haven't heard anything lately. Hopefully we will soon find out more about those visits.

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