Tuesday, May 27, 2008

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom displays his intolerance and hypocrisy

"San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has blasted a proposal that would allow San Diego county clerks to decline to perform same-sex "marriages" on conscience grounds saying he is both 'shocked' and 'outraged' according to Reuters news service. Newsom was responding to an idea tabled on Wednesday by San Diego County to exempt clerks who had moral or religious objections to gay 'marriage' from officiating at those civil ceremonies. 'I was pretty shocked about all that, candidly, and pretty outraged,' said Newsom in a Reuters interview. 'This is a civil marriage that civil servants have a responsibility to provide, so for civil servants on religious grounds to start passing judgments, they, I think, are breaking the core tenet of what civil service is all about.'

Reuters reported that Newsom also suggested that clerks who refuse to perform same-sex 'weddings' in California should lose their jobs if they do. 'If that is their job and they are going to be able to pick and choose based on their morality, then all of a sudden they are not doing their jobs,' continued Newsom. 'If you don't want to provide a marriage certificate and you've got a job that does that, then you should think twice about why you got the job in the first place and maybe you should get a new job,' he added. 'Talk about a slippery slope, Mr. County Clerk down in San Diego.'

Newsom's newfound outrage, however, belies the ironical fact that Newsom's own peculiar morality motivated his choice to violate California law in 2004, when he mandated city clerks to give marriage licenses to homosexual couples. Newsom dismissed existing marriage statutes as 'codified discrimination' and the city of San Francisco performed over 4000 illegal 'marriages' until the California Supreme Court intervened and nullified them." (Source: http://www.lifesitenews.com/).

Since all human authority is from God (Romans 13:1), Who does no evil, there is no authority to command anything wrong. Legitimate human authority, being morally grounded, extends only to what is morally right. When human authority commands something wrong, faithful Christians will not obey such human authority but will do what is morally right: they will obey God rather than men (1 Mc 2:19-22; Acts 5:29). Withholding obedience in such a case is not disobedience because the command has no authority and obedience is not due it (see St. Thomas Aquinas, S.t., 2-2, q.104, a.5).

Homosexual activist John Hosty has asserted that the homosexual hate movement is only striving for "equality from the government." This falsehood has already been refuted here at La Salette Journey*. And Mayor Newsom's own words only serve to further betray the violent and discriminatory nature of this movement. A movement which intends to violently suppress any and all moral opposition to its agenda which is rooted in Divine Revelation and or Natural Law.



Anonymous said...

The mayor's words are nothing but code-words for anti-Christian bigotry. He wants a virtual guarantee that Christians who oppose homosexuality because of their faith tradition will be terminated from their jobs. He is an anti-Christian bigot.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to see more and more why Catholic mystic Eileen George was shown San Francisco literally dropping into the Pacific. The entire city. Christians and others of good will should leave the City by the Bay before God's judgment comes upon it.

I read at Spirit Daily where frogs swarmed just before the massive earthquake in China and how frogs are now swarming in California.

I wonder if this is just a coincidence. In any case, Eileen George is a well-respected mystic and her vision of future events for San Francisco is unsettling.

Pray that the people of that city who currently reject God's Commandments will experience conversion before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

San Francisco is an anti-Christian city. Christians who are serious about their faith are not welcome there clearly. Boycott anything and everything having to do with that bastion of anti-Christian bigotry. If you're Christian, don't visit the city as a tourist or purchase any goods manufactured there. And pray that organizations such as the American Family Association and Concerned Women of America will also call for boycotts. In fact, write them and ask them if they will lead such a boycott. Contact the Catholic League and your representatives as well.

Anonymous said...

The mayor is guilty of a hypocritical double-standard. This is exactly what happens those who support the radical homosexual agenda get some power. Immediately the persecution of Christians and others who oppose their plans begins. Sickening.

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