Monday, May 05, 2008

The Rosary brings peace and reconciliation....


This evening Benedict XVI presided at the praying of the Rosary in the Roman basilica of St. Mary Major, "Marian temple par excellence" in which, as the Holy Father recalled, the image of Mary "Salus Populi Romani" is venerated.

"In the experience of my generation", he said, "May evenings evoke pleasant memories of vespertine appointments to pay homage to the Virgin Mary. ... Today we together confirm that the holy Rosary is not some pious practice relegated to the past, a prayer of distant times to be thought of nostalgically. Indeed, the Rosary is experiencing what is almost a new springtime".

"In the modern world which is so dispersive, this prayer helps us to place Christ at the centre, as did the Virgin who meditated upon everything that was said about her Son and upon what He Himself did and said. When we recite the Rosary we relive important monuments of the history of salvation, we again go over the various stages of Christ's mission. With Mary we turn our hearts to the mystery of Jesus".

"May Mary help us to welcome within ourselves the grace that emanates from these mysteries, so that through us this grace can 'irrigate' society, starting with our everyday relationships, purifying it from many negative forces and opening it to the novelty of God.

"The Rosary", the Pope added, "when it is prayed in an authentic manner - not mechanically and superficially, but profoundly - brings peace and reconciliation. It contains the healing power of the Most Holy Name of Jesus, invoked with faith and love at the heart of each Hail Mary".

Benedict XVI then called on those present to ensure they remained united to Mary during these days leading up to Pentecost, "invoking a renewed effusion of the Holy Spirit for the Church". He also entrusted them with "the most urgent intentions" of his ministry: "the needs of the Church, the great problems of humanity, peace in the world, the unity of Christians, and dialogue between cultures", as well as the pastoral objectives of the diocese of Rome, and the "solidary development" of Italy.

And what shall we say about those who, like the Catholic priest who sabotaged my efforts to bring a Rosary hour to my local parish back in the 1990's, actively discourage this devotion? Let's let St. Louis de Montfort do the talking:

The Secret of the Rosary



It is very wicked indeed and unfair to other souls to hinder the progress of the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary. Almighty God has severely punished many of those who have been so benighted as to scorn the Confraternity and who have sought to destroy it. Even though God has set His seal of approval on the Holy Rosary by many miracles, and in spite of the Papal Bulls that have been written approving it, there are only too many people who are against the Holy Rosary today.

These freethinkers and those who scorn religion either condemn the Rosary or try to turn others away from it. It is easy to see that they have absorbed the poison of Hell and that they are inspired by the devil----for nobody can condemn devotion to the Holy Rosary without condemning all that is most holy in the Catholic Faith, such as the Lord's Prayer, the Angelic Salutation and the mysteries of the life, death and glory of Jesus Christ and of His Holy Mother.

These freethinkers who cannot bear others to say the Rosary often fall into a really heretical state of mind without even realizing it and some to hate the Rosary and its holy mysteries. To have a loathing for confraternities is to fall away from God and true piety, for Our Lord Himself has told us that He is always in the midst of those who are gathered together in His name. No good Catholic should forget the many great indulgences which Holy Mother Church has granted to Confraternities.

Finally, to dissuade others from joining the Rosary Confraternity is to be an enemy of souls because the Rosary is a sure means of curing oneself of sin and of embracing a Christian life. Saint Bonaventure said (in his Psalter) that whoever neglected Our Lady would perish in his sins and would be damned: "He who neglects her will die in his sins." If such is the penalty for neglecting her, what must be the punishment in store for those who actually turn others away from their devotions!"

Let's pray for those who discourage devotion to the Holy Rosary or who attempt to portray it as an outdated "medieval" Catholic devotion. For their attitude contradicts the mind of the Church on this matter.


Alzina said...

What a powerful quotation from!!! Thanks Paul for posting that. I've read True Devotion to Mary but not yet The Secret of the Rosary. Now I will for sure.

God bless you for sharing that with people.

Cody... said...

Do you have a link for this article? Also, is there anyway you can fix the webring at the bottom? When I use Firefox, it appears at the top of the screen covering the text. It looks fine on IE.

Samantha said...

Montfort is definitely the greatest of the Marian Saints. I've also experienced parishes where the Rosary wasn't welcome. I believe the Devil does everything in his power to undermine devotion to this prayer because of his great fear of Our Lady - who will one day crush his head - and because (as Montfort says) all of Hell trembles each and every time the words "Hail Mary" are spoken.

The Rosary is the key to peace, reconciliation and renewal. Small wonder that those who promote a false idea of "reform" are so opposed to it.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Cody, thank you for your comments. Nice to hear from a philosophy major. The Montfort article link may be found here:

The article which quotes from Pope Benedict XVI is published by the Vatican Information Service and may be found at their website.

I'll be checking out your Blogs to be sure. Taking back Vatican II is really the challenge of our generation. Thanks be to God, Pope John Paul II of happy memory has already blazed the trail which we have only to follow.

Clint Conley, a producer over at Chronicle, has also indicated that he has difficulty viewing part of my Blog when he uses firefox. I'll have to do something about that.

Thanks for your comments. And God bless you.

Michelle said...

Outside of Holy Mass, the Rosary is the most powerful prayer. The devil hates it because it is so very powerful as a weapon.

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