Friday, September 19, 2008

More on the heroism of Pope Pius XII

Hateful, anti-Catholic propaganda which suggests that Pope Pius XII was "silent" during the Holocaust or "didn't do enough" to help the Jewish People continues to be dispelled.

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Anonymous said...

Attacks against Pius XII have really grown stale. Your posts setting the record straight were much appreciated. Hopefully in the future Keene State College and the Cohen Center will strive to be objective and will refrain from anti-Catholic historical revisionism.

Sanctus Belle said...

One of my family's most treasured possessions is a beautiful calligraphied plenary indulgence which was issued by Pope Pius XII to my mother and father in law on the occasion of their wedding. This was issued for them - and THEIR FAMILY "et famille" (they're french Canadian so its in french) at the moment of death under the usual circumstances, even if a confessor is not available but one would confess, etc. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be one of the family and I remind Pius XII in prayer from time to time to remember me now and at the hour of my death so I may be granted this indulgence. What a generous thing this is!

I give no ear whatsoever to attacks upon this holy and venerable Pope.

Anonymous said...

I have already signed the petition to for Pope Pius XII's cause. Anyone wishing to do so can visit the website of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.

This heroic Pontiff should be raised to the altars of Holy Mother Church.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Marie, the tired old lies are being refuted. No serious scholar believes that Pius XII was "silent" or that he didn't do enough to assist the Jewish People. The historical record speaks for itself.

Sanctus, my family has a blessing from Pius XII as well. My father had an audience with His Holiness back in April of 1958, six months before he went to be with the Lord. It is a plenary indulgence. Like you, treasure this highly. My father also gave me his Rosary which was blessed by Pius XII. As long as I live, I will do my part to defend his name and legacy.

Stewart, thanks for that. I have already signed the petition (there is a link to it at this Blog which I posted some time ago) and also encourage others to do so.

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