Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Prayer in honor of the Tears of Mary

By Ven. Martin von Cochem

Hail, countless and bitter tears which flowed in such profusion from your eyes, O Mary, in your loving and tender compassion for your Son, our Crucified Saviour! Men and angels shall honor and revere these tears, and all sinners shall flee to them for refuge, for they have their source in your most compassionate Heart.

O Sorrowful Mother! Even as the crimson blood flowed from the Wounds of Jesus, so did the tears flow from your eyes, O Mary, mingled with unutterable bitterness on account of the agony with which your soul was overwhelmed.

O burning tears, O bitter tears, O mournful tears, which moved the angels to pity and touched the Heart of the Eternal Father! Soften my hard heart that it also may be moved to pity and to a true sorrow for my innumerable sins. O holy tears, wash me! O bitter tears, purify me! O mournful tears, cleanse me! O gentle tears, soften my heart! O burning tears, inflame my heart! O tears, rich in merit and grace, enrich and adorn me!

O most gentle Virgin, I recall to you the heartfelt compassion which you felt for your Divine Son during His Passion and the countless tears which then flowed from your eyes. I beseech you, through these bitter tears, to obtain for me the gift of tears and a true and heartfelt sorrow for my sins. Oh, would that I could shed such efficacious and salutary tears over the cruel sufferings of my Saviour and over my sins, as you shed at the foot of the Cross.

O most merciful Virgin, offer, I beseech you, your bitter tears to the Eternal Father in satisfaction for my tepidity and hardness of heart; and through their merit obtain for me mercy and pardon of all my sins. And when, O dearest Mother, I lie upon my deathbed, give me but one of your precious tears wherewith to wash and purify my sinful and guilty conscience. Amen.
For more information on Our Lady's Tears, visit my sister's Blog here.
For information on how to obtain a book of Chaplets including The Rosary of Our Lady's Tears and the Rosary of the Tears of Blood and dozens more, leave your email address in the comments section of this post and I will get back to you. - Paul.


Ellen Wironken said...

Thank you for sharing that beautiful prayer by Fr. von Cochen Paul. I have been reading at the OLT Blog and it is excellent. She has posted many beautiful prayers there along with inspiring art. All Catholics should strive to console their Mother's Tears with prayer, fasting, and acts of reparation.

Anonymous said...

I like Father Cochem's books. Tan offers several of them So does Amazon.com

Great post Paul.

Anonymous said...

Paul...if you're referring to the book of chaplets you told me about a couple of years ago, your readers will love it. It is just fantastic. The chaplet of the Tears of Blood was new to me. I had never heard of it before.

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