Tuesday, May 01, 2012

While in prayer today...

I was pondering the strange rumblings which are being heard around the world and in particular the United States.  In prayer this word comes to me:

"Go, my people, enter your chambers, and close the doors behind you;

Hide yourselves for a brief moment, until the wrath is past. See, the LORD goes forth from his place, to punish the wickedness of the earth’s inhabitants; The earth will reveal the blood shed upon it, and no longer conceal the slain." (Isaiah 26: 20).

The earth will soon reveal the blood of the little children slain in the womb. You hear rumbling. I tell you it is the Blood of Abel crying out to the Lord.

Hide yourselves until His wrath has past.


Anonymous said...

Have you gotten words before? I am always interested in hearing about such things.


Rory McGinn said...

Have you ever received a similar word in the past?

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

I do from time to time Rory. On one occasion, I heard these words: "Because of their disobedience to Me, the offices of The Catholic Free Press will be flooded." The newspaper, official organ of the Worcester Diocese, had been publishing dissenting articles and the weekly column of Fr. Richard P. McBrien.

The Catholic Free Press is not located near a body of water so I wondered how this could come to pass - even while believing that it would.

Several weeks later, after the newspaper's staff went home for the evening [on a Friday], the sprinklers were set off [what by? Nobody knows really], the water filled the top floor, which gave way to the floor underneath, and then to the basement.

Laus Tibi Christe! For Your Word is true.

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