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California usurps parental rights with regard to education of their children: Will the Vatican address this act of violence and homosexualist terrorism?

California Catholic reports:

"California has become the first state in the union to mandate the use of LGBT-inclusive textbooks in elementary schools and have given parents no way to opt out. The choice has been made for them. It’s the law.

That law requires a “fair, accurate, inclusive, and respectful” treatment of homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and lesbian Americans despite the historical insignificance...."

The Pontifical Council for the Family, in its document entitled The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, had this to say:

"Today parents should be attentive to ways in which an immoral education can be passed on to their children through various methods promoted by groups with positions and interests contrary to Christian morality. It would be impossible to indicate all unacceptable methods. Here are presented only some of the more widely diffused methods that threaten the rights of parents and the moral life of their children.

In the first place, parents must reject secularized and anti-natalist sex education, which puts God at the margin of life and regards the birth of a child as a threat. This sex education is spread by large organizations and international associations that promote abortion, sterilization and contraception. These organizations want to impose a false lifestyle against the truth of human sexuality. Working at national or state levels, these organizations try to arouse the fear of the "threat of over-population" among children and young people to promote the contraceptive mentality, that is, the "anti- life" mentality. They spread false ideas about the "reproductive health" and "sexual and reproductive rights" of young people. Furthermore, some antinatalist organizations maintain those clinics which, violating the rights of parents, provide abortion and contraception for young people, thus promoting promiscuity and consequently an increase in teenage pregnancies...

As we look towards the year 2000, how can we fail to think of the young? What is being held up to them? A society of ?things' and not of ?persons'. The right to do as they will from their earliest years, without any constraint, provided it is ?safe'. The unreserved gift of self, mastery of one's instincts, the sense of responsibility — these are notions considered as belonging to another age." (Nos. 135, 136).

California's decision represents an act of violence against the child's right to live his or her own sexuality in conformity with Christian principles: "Since each child or young person must be able to live his or her own sexuality in conformity with Christian principles, and hence be able to exercise the virtue of chastity, no educator — not even parents — can interfere with this right to chastity (cf. Matthew 18: 4-7)." (The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, No. 118).

The decision of California also represents an attack on parental rights. Vatican II teaches us that, in raising children, the responsibility of parents is primary: "Since parents have given life to their children, they have a very grave duty to educate them, and so are to be recognized as their primary and principal educators" (GE, No. 3). 

And Pope John Paul II, explaining the conciliar teaching more fully in Familiaris consortio No. 36, says that: "The right and duty of parents to give education is essential, since it is connected with the transmission of human life; it is original and primary with regard to the educational role of others, on account of the uniqueness of the loving relationship between parents and children; and it is irreplaceable and inalienable, and therefore incapable of being entirely delegated to others or usurped by others."

Canon Law is also very clear on this matter. Canon 793, 1., states that: "Parents as well as those who take their place are obliged and enjoy the right to educate their offspring; Catholic parents also have the duty and the right to select those means and institutions through which they can provide more suitably for the Catholic education of the children according to local circumstances" and Canon 1136 says that: "Parents have the most serious duty and the primary right to do all in their power to see to the physical, social, cultural, moral and religious upbringing of their children."

This inalienable right of parents has been recognized by the United States Supreme Court. In 1922, the State of Oregon attempted to enact legislation that would have forced all children to attend the public schools within that state. But the Supreme Court overturned that decision and established that "The child is not the mere creature of the state; those who nurture him and direct his destiny have the right, coupled with the high duty, to recognize and prepare him for additional obligations."

Increasingly, the rights of Christian children and their parents are coming under attack. Why? No one has ever put it more eloquently than Randy Engel:

"Is it any wonder that the state must wage war against the family? For the state requires not individuals who dream, and think, and pray, but rather what has come to be called 'the mass man' - rootless, unaffirmed, a reactor - a mere reed blowing in the wind - a thing to be manipulated, to be used, to be disposed of, but never, never, to be loved, for the giant has no heart. And since the modern state has no heart, that which men previously have done out of love, must now be done out of fear, and hatred, and brute force." (The Family Under Siege, The Wanderer, March 6, 1980).

This is a satanic war against the family. The state wants to impose immoral sex education and to usurp parental rights. The state wants to educate children for the Reign of Antichrist, the Moloch State where vices will be turned into gods and perversion will be celebrated as a sort of ersatz sacrament in the unholy church of the Man of Sin.

Will the Vatican, under Francis, speak out?



Orange Catholic said...

Imagine the hysteria of limousine liberals like Rosie O'Donnell if homosexuals and or lesbians were forcibly indoctrinated into Catholic moral teaching?

What a disgusting example of hypocrisy.

Can we expect our "pastors" to speak out against this travesty? I won't be holding my breath.

David said...

Don't hang from a tree waiting for most priests to address this societal evil Orange Catholic. Many have long ago abandoned Roman Catholicism and secretly are supportive of the LGBT agenda.

Why? Because so many are engaging in homosexual practices themselves.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

2223 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that:

"Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children. They bear witness to this responsibility first by creating a home where tenderness, forgiveness, respect, fidelity, and disinterested service are the rule. The home is well suited for education in the virtues. This requires an apprenticeship in self-denial, sound judgment, and self-mastery - the preconditions of all true freedom. Parents should teach their children to subordinate the "material and instinctual dimensions to interior and spiritual ones."

Parents have the first responsibility for the education of THEIR children. The State of California is attempting to usurp this role.

Francis spoke openly, criticizing President Trump for wanting a border wall, even though most Americans want tighter controls on illegal immigration.

Will he now use his voice to criticize this act of violence aimed at Christian parents and their children?

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

The answer is... NO. They will support this.
Vatican officially speaks of children as "agents of change". The way it works is this: First children are indoctrinated in schools, and then, prompted by teachers, they reject their unsuspecting parents' values and teachings at home.
Parents are presented in school as part of the problem with consumerism (against sustainable development) and intolerance (against "unconditional love" for everything, meaning global Sodom and hell on earth).

Getting to the young as early as possible with unrelenting brainwashing is a Jesuit method of braking the bond between children and parents to get the agenda done.
Our little "agents of change" are told to go home and teach the parents - not to obey and honor them.

Moving with the times, that Bergoglio.

Anonymous said...

Dictatorships always begin with taking over the children,Hitler's youth for example brainwashed and used to spy on their parents and report if their parents criticized the government ,Marxists use the same ploy,amazing how history keeps repeating itself ,same old salad with different dressing.

M. Prodigal said...

I read that 27% of teens in a poll have confusion about their gender. No wonder, they are being indoctrinated during their formative years. There is no 'transgender' etc. But encouraging sexual behavior at a young age leads to sex addiction, loss of self esteem, leads to abortions, sterility, and disease. All demonic. Yet the governor is invited to the Vatican and looked to for advice. There will be no speaking the truth about these demonic agendas from the Vatican. If any of the bishops have the courage to speak out, we will know it because they will be persecuted or demoted or have false accusations against them.

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