Friday, December 29, 2017

Nearly half of all Americans believe liberal media outlets manufacture fake news to discredit President Trump

The Washington Times is reporting that:

"Nearly half of all Americans believe media outlets fabricate negative stories about President Trump, according to a new survey.

Forty-four percent of respondents in the 2017 Poynter Media Trust Survey say the media invent 'fake news' to make the president look bad."

Vatican II, in its Decree on the Means of Social Communication (Inter Mirifica) had this to say:

"A special responsibility for the proper use of the means of social communication rests on journalists, writers, actors, designers, producers, exhibitors, distributors, operators, sellers, critics - all those, in a word, who are involved in the making and transmission of communications in any way whatever. It is clear that a very great responsibility rests on all of these people in today's world: they have power to direct mankind along a good path or an evil path by the information they impart and the pressure they exert.

It will be for them to regulate economic, political and artistic values in a way that will not conflict with the common good. To achieve this result more surely, they will do well to form professional organizations capable of imposing on their members-if necessary by a formal pledge to observe a moral code-a respect for the moral law in the problems they encounter and in their activities."

Most of the so-called "mainstream media" is informed by a radical leftist ideology.  Those who produce these media are more often than not guided not by objectivity but by a desire to manipulate public opinion through propaganda, which degrades both propagandist and the intended audience.

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Cyn M said...

What a terrible disservice to the American public. Mainstream media has no moral compass, and exhibits a gross disrespect for our president. Shameful.

BeaconStreetCatholic said...

Truly Cyn. The local newspaper here, The Athol Daily Snooze, is well-known for its partisan ideology and bias. The newspaper ran an editorial recently critical of the Trump tax cut. Because they lean way to the left, they believe in big government and more taxes and spending. They don't want Americans keeping more of their money and prospering. They believe the government knows better than you how YOUR MONEY should be spent.

Out of touch!

M. Prodigal said...

I can predict something from essentially every single newscast: bash Trump and then get on with other non important things, weather, and sports.

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