Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Doug Jones engages in hypocrisy...he's really in favor of victimizing women and children...

Doug Jones, who loves to attack Roy Moore over still unproven allegations that he sexually accosted underage females, is radically pro-abortion and fully supportive of the ultimate form of physical abuse against women.  See here.

Abortion, as this compendium makes clear, "contrary to popular opinion, doesn't help women but hurts
them severely and/or kills them."

As Frederica Mathewes-Green has said:
"Truly supporting women's rights must involve telling the truth about
abortion and working for it to cease."

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Meredith said...

Jones has no real regard for women and children. Abortion is the worst form of physical abuse there is. Even if Moore were guilty of inappropriate contact with female minors, and that's by no means proven, far worse is the crime of tearing babies to pieces with a scalpel or sucking their brains out of their skills.

Jones and his agenda are demonic..vote Roy Moore Alabama!

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