Thursday, January 02, 2020

Francis: When it comes to violence against women, do as I say, not as I do

“Women are sources of life, and yet they are continually offended, hurt, raped, forced to prostitute themselves, and to suppress the life they carry. Every violence inflicted on women is a desecration of God, who was born of a woman” - Francis

Dr. Germain Crises explains, "If those who lack virtue and holiness simulate what they lack, they practice hypocrisy, seeking by mere outward show to keep their reputation and to receive undeserved honor. As deceptive communication, all hypocrisy is at least venially sinful. The New Testament, however, condemns as a most grave sin a certain kind of hypocrisy: the pretense of sincere Faith by those who sinful
ly reject or pervert Jesus' gospel. While the enormity of their sin lay in their unbelief more than in their pretense, hypocrisy nevertheless can be a grave matter even without rejection of Faith..."

This isn't the first time Francis has displayed a violent temper. See here.

Francis reminds me of Joe Besser, see here.


Derek said...

Francis strikes me as being very effeminate. Which would explain his meeting with homosexual activists and his appointment of Father James Martin to a Vatican office.

Susan said...

Nothing about Francis is even remotely Shepherd-like. The same knee-jerk hypocritical liberals who constantly attack Trump over far smaller things will no doubt bend over backwards trying to defend Francis and his horseshit words and actions.

It's disgusting.

Jeff Goguen said...

Does anyone take Bergoglio seriously at this point? I tuned him out several years back. Until we get an authentic Vicar, I'm not interested in his asinine views or adolescent theatrics.

Cyn M said...

This pontificate is distressing and wearying. Every week or so there appears more solid evidence that what we are dealing with is an antipope. His failure to uphold centuries of solid Catholic doctrine is disturbing, to say the least.

Amanda said...

Those who refuse to acknowledge this are willfully blind and have no love for truth. These are those who will worship and serve the demon.

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