Monday, July 18, 2005

Antichrist ready to reveal himself?

Christina Gallagher, a stigmatist from Ireland, claims to have been given this message recently. The text may also be found at:


[Below is a message alleged to come from the Virgin Mary to a widely-known Irish seer, Christina Gallagher. We submit it in the spirit of the Bible, which tells us to weigh such claims and take from them what may be good, while realizing that controversies swirl around this particular situation and that fasting is necessary to discern]
"My Children, today I speak to your hearts. I plead with you to open your hearts to Me. I am the Mother of your Saviour. I desire to help you and save you in soul. So many of you live your lives as if tomorrow will last forever."You cannot recognize the signs of the times you live in. You cannot see how the evil one is stealing the youth of your country and the world, in seduction through suicide, drugs, alcohol, lust, lack of faith and confusion."My dear children, I desire you to wake up before it is too late. Many changes will have taken place one year from now. There will be many of you caught in the web of the evil one, more deeply than you realize. Others among you will be called unprepared from your earthly life. I call you, my children, into the Light and Life of My Son, Jesus."I plead with you to hear and live My call, and to open your hearts in love, to receive the message I give you. I beg you to respond to My call as never before. Your worldly existence as you know it to be, will soon come into a great crisis."The purification is upon you, and few of you are prepared. I weep for your safety. You will see many upheavals in the world. You will experience the climate changes more and more. There will be many abnormal calamities, throughout the world. The changes in the season’s behaviour have already begun, but will increase and intensify, floods in many parts of the world beyond normal capacity, mud slides, typhoons, earthquakes and many many other abnormal and strange happenings. You have been given the gift of Pope Benedict to fulfil the work needed to be completed, but pray, pray for him."The Church of My Son, Jesus, is experiencing the labour pains of its purification. Many will run. Others will hide, like scattered sheep and My poor lambs whom they have permitted to stray. But, Jesus will shepherd His poor little lambs that are lost. "My daughter, you have endured so deeply for souls. I weep for your pain and lack of protection. I love and thank My dear children who receive the call of My Son, Jesus, in surrender, to fulfil some of My urgent works which I have asked for. Be at peace, My daughter the light has been put between you and your adversary. Soon you will be led into the battle between Light and Darkness, more intensely. Be not afraid of him who is in the world, and is antichrist, leading many souls to destruction. You have nothing to fear from him. Neither have those who follow My call, through you in Truth, to safety of soul. "Those of My dear children who have responded to the call of My Son, I tell you, be joyous, you will have life eternal. Those who have stood in mockery and gossip and were unhelpful to fulfil My message will truly find their just reward, and will experience justice in the hour of their Lord. My children who find it difficult to uproot themselves from their worldly possessions will find it impossible to permit the inrootment of the life of God in their souls."They will fall like weeds that need to be plucked from your garden. There are many who are luke warm, running to and fro causing confusion in their own hearts and the hearts of others. "My daughter, I love and bless all my children, but especially those who have helped you in your pain and endurance, thus enabling you to continue your mission for souls. They will truly receive Life in My Son and will be saved from the adversity of the evil one."One day they will be with Me in their Father’s House."My daughter, I love you in My Motherly Heart. The worlds inhabitants will endure much. Control of the beast is at hand. Oh how your lives will change through being controlled. Be not afraid I beg you, open your hearts and respond with your lives to My call. There you will find Life."I bless you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

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