Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dr. Germain Grisez and the word "sodomy."

There are those who might be tempted to think that my use of the word sodomy in several articles is evidence of a hostility toward the homosexual person. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a Catholic loyal to the Magisterial teaching of the Church, I follow the great Saint Augustine while hating the sin and loving the sinner (interficere errorem dilligere errantem - kill the error, love the one who errs). Having said that, is it illicit or somehow objectionable to use the word sodomy?

Here's what Dr. Germain Grisez has to say about the matter. "The word sodomy is used, not as a term of reproach, but in its descriptive sense, precisely to distinguish between the act of homosexual intercourse and the disposition toward it. One should not allow sentiment to cloud the truth about this act. John Paul II, Address to the Bishops of the United States (Chicago), 6, AAS 71 (1979) 1224-1225, OR, 29 Oct. 1979, 9, makes the point clearly: 'As men with the message of truth and the power of God (2 Cor 6:7), as authentic teachers of God's law and as compassionate pastors you also rightly stated: "Homosexual distinguished from homosexual orientation, is morally wrong." In the clarity of this truth, you exemplified the real charity of Christ; you did not betray those people who, because of homosexuality, are confronted with difficult moral problems, as would have happened if, in the name of understanding and compassion, or for any other reason, you had held out false hope to any brother or sister. Rather, by your witness to the truth of humanity in God's plan, you effectively manifested fraternal love, upholding the true dignity, the true human dignity, of those who look to Christ's Church for the guidance which comes from the light of God's word."


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