Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Prayer of Protection

“Dear Lord Jesus, please surround me with a perimeter of Your Love and Protection throughout the day today a hundred yards in all directions, dear Lord. Render any demons that are there, or should try to come, deaf, dumb, and blind. Strip them of all weapons, illusions, armor, power, and authority. Disable them from communicating or interacting in any way. Bind, sever, and separate them, sending them directly to the foot of Your Cross without manifestation or harm. May Your Precious Blood cover me, the Holy Spirit fill me, Mary's mantle surround me, the Holy Angels and Saints guard and protect me from all unfortunate events. Protect me from fire, theft, flood, storms, ailments, accidents of every sort, distress, hardship, curse, and all untoward things. I ask all this in your Name Lord Jesus I thank and praise you. I love you. Alleluia. Amen!”


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