Thursday, August 10, 2006

Immaculate Mother of God

Immaculata Mater Dei, Regina caelorum, Mater misericordiae, advocata et refugium peccatorum, ecce ego illuminatus et incitatus gratiis, a te materna benevolentia large mihi impetratis ex thesauro divino, statuo nunc et semper dare in manus tuas cor meum Iesu consecrandum.

Immaculate Mother of God, Queen of heaven, Mother of mercy, Advocate and Refuge of sinners, behold, I, enlightened and inspired by the graces obtained for me abundantly from the divine treasury through thy maternal affection, resolve this day and always to place my heart into thy hands to be consecrated to Jesus.

Tibi igitur, beatissima Virgo, coram novem choris Angelorum cunctisque Sanctis illud trado, Tu autem, meo nomine, Iesu id consecra; et ex fiducia filiali, quam profiteor, certum mihi est te nunc et semper quantum poteris esse facturum, ut cor meum iugiter totum sit Iesu, imitans perfectissime Sanctos, praesertim sanctum Ioseph, Sponsum tuum purissimum.


To thee, therefore, most Blessed Virgin, in the presence of nine choirs of Angels and all the Saints, I now give it. Do thou, in my name, consecrate it to Jesus; and out of the filial confidence which I hereby make profession of, I am certain that now and always thou wilt do all thou canst to bring it to pass that my heart may ever wholly belong to Jesus, and may imitate perfectly the example of the Saints, and in particular that of Saint Joseph, thy most pure Spouse.



Marie Cecile said...

Forgive me, but I am in awe of Prayers. Thank you for this delightful one to Our Lady.

God love you!

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Isn't that a beautiful prayer Marie Cecile? I will be blogging more this weekend. Have been too busy this week to do much. I leave next weekend for Religious Life.

God love you friend,

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