Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Vanguard News Network

As previously mentioned at this Blog, Brother Andre Marie of the Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hampshire recently left a post at the website for VNN - the Vanguard News Network - defending anti-Semitic priest Fr. Denis Fahey as well as Fr. Leonard Feeney.

The Vanguard News Network, according to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, "is an anti-Semitic white supremacist website that is run by Alex Linder.... One of VNN's most frequent contributors is Tomasz Winnicki of London, Ontario. Mr. Winnicki was jailed by the Federal Court of Canada for 9 months beginning in July of 2006 for violating an injunction ordering him to stop posting hate propaganda to the Internet." (Source: ).

Mr. Linder, again according to Wikipedia, "supports the idea that virtually all non-whites the world over ought to be exterminated, in order to eliminate the possibility of racial intermixing, and their lands repopulated with white settlers." (Source: ).

Readers of this Blog will recall that Mr. Douglas Bersaw, a founder of the Saint Benedict Center to which Brother Andre Marie belongs, has engaged in Holocaust denial in the past. And Brother Andre Marie has had some profoundly disturbing ideas about the Jewish People.

One can only hope that the federal government will step in at a certain point and initiate a thorough investigation of the Saint Benedict Center and its activities.

Paul Anthony Melanson

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Anonymous said...

The more I hear about the SBC, the more concerned I get.

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