Saturday, October 27, 2007

"I'm no historian"

During the Chronicle episode entitled "A Town Divided," there was the following exchange between Mary Richardson and SBC leader Louis Villarrubia (known to his followers as "Brother" Andre Marie):

Mary Richardson: "Do you believe in the Holocaust. That the Holocaust actually exists?"

Louis Villarrubia: "That's not our issue....I'm no historian...I'm not... I'm not capable of speaking to the, to the, to the issue of the Holocaust....uh, all the different subtleties there."

Mary Richardson: "So you don't know whether it happened?"

Louis Villarrubia: "Did Jewish people die during World War II? Absolutely."

Mary Richardson: "Did six-million people die?"

Louis Villarrubia: "I don't know, I'm not a historian."

I should say not. Thankfully, the Holocaust or Shoah is well-documented and acknowledged by any reputable historian. At the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's website:, one may read articles on the Holocaust, view actual photographs of the genocide and learn more about the horrible atrocities carried out against the Jewish People by the Third Reich.

No, Louis Villarrubia is no historian. If he were, he would have had no difficulty answering Mary Richardson's very simple question. But does one have to be an historian to answer a question which any grade-school student could answer by the fifth or sixth grade?
The photo above is taken from the website of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and shows piles of corpses after the liberation of the Mauthausen camp in Austria after May 5, 1945.
And what do we make of Mr. Villarrubia's use of the word "subtleties" to describe the events of the Holocaust? The word "subtle" is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as follows: "So slight as to be difficult to detect or analyze...not immediately obvious." What exactly is it about the Holocaust that Mr. Villarrubia finds so subtle? The millions of murdered corpses, many of which were thrown into mass graves? The human skin which the Nazis would use for lamp shades? Or perhaps the gold teeth which were cut out of the mouths of murdered victims?
Subtleties Mr. Villarrubia? You're right. You are no historian. And you're attitude toward the Holocaust is just plain chilling.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That really says it all. Also revealing was the refusal of Douglas Bersaw and Steve Boscarino to comment on camera. Do they have something to hide? Are they ashamed? You bet they do and you bet they are.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if the earth is really an orb or if it is flat. I'm not a geologist and I'm not familiar with all of the subtleties of the science of geology.

Anonymous said...

Brother Andre Marie's responses to Mary Richardson's questions were, in a word, pathetic. You could see clearly that he was uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Can you just imagine if Mary Richardson had asked him for the dimissorial papers granting permission for his deacon "ordination"?
The town moderator and the town tax collector? Their collective disdain towards Jews is very well documented. Do they have any shame? That remains to be seen....
Should they hold public office?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

A little-known fact about the Holocaust is that five million others were also murdered along with the six million Jews. And most of these victims were Catholic or Protestant Christians. I'll bet that Louis doesn't speak of THEIR murders so glibly.

Anonymous said...

Holocaust denial in 21st century America is almost unbelievable. I watched Chronicle with my wife and was positively shocked at what was said. We have received their publication in the past and even made a donation unawares. In the future, I will place their periodicals and their appeals for money in the trash.

Anonymous said...

I learned about the Holocaust in the 4th grade myself. Of course, our teacher spared us all the graphic details. But we knew that SOMETHING horrible happened to the Jews. It was my perception that Brother Andre skirted around questions much as a used-car salesman might. And he seemed to grin repeatedly while doing so. His grin was very telling. For it seemed to indicate that he KNEW what he was doing by avoiding questions. There was a truly scary quality about that!

Anonymous said...

It is very troubling to discover Holocaust deniers in and around our community. Actually, it is heartbreaking. To us, it seems as though those who deny it's existence are attempting to re-write history. It is just plain wrong.

What is also troubling is that the mission of SBC is to make Richmond, New Hampshire and the entire country a theocracy and not a democracy. If folks don't wake up and realize this, soon the town will be controlled by a group of individuals who will eliminate police protection, eliminate zoning ordinances, eliminate public education, and totally change the rural character of our community.

Thanks to all who have emailed and called. Your support means so much.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Dear Russ and Victoria,

I too am troubled by the agenda of the Saint Benedict Center. And saddened as well. It was the late (great) Archbishop Fulton John Sheen who once said, "There are not over a hundred people...who hate the Roman Catholic Church. There are millions, however, who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church"

And this is a thought which keeps me up some nights. Which is one of the main reasons I started the La Salette Journey Blog. It will come as a surprise to some, even many, that the Church has repeatedly condemned any attempt to deprive others of their religious - or other - freedoms and their right to freedom of conscience.

Vatican II (specifically Dignitatis Humanae, No. 2, says: " religious matters no one is to be forced to act against conscience or impeded from acting..according to conscience, whether privately or publicly, whether alone or in association with others."

At this point in our world history, more than ever before, every human person needs to remember that we are all one human family and to strive to respect one another despite any differences - real or perceived.

It is so easy to dismiss another person without really trying to get to know that person. This is what the SBC does. At least as an organization. At such times SBC members forget that the very word Catholic comes from the Greek meaning "universal." It is all too easy to act like a barnyard hen when we should be thinking like eagles. For me, that is what being a Catholic is all about: escaping the narrow bonds of a provincial outlook and respecting unity in diversity.

There is much within our culture that I profoundly disagree with as a Catholic faithful to the Magisterium. However, one cannot force others to one's own thinking or beliefs. I believe the truth has a power of its own. If God respects every person's free will (and He does), who am I not to? Even while acknowledging that certain choices have certain consequences.

Our Founding Fathers were well aware of the dangers of a church-controlled state. They were also fearful of a state-controlled church having experienced persecution at the hands of just such an entity.

Americans have nothing to fear from authentic Catholics. For such Catholics embrace and cherish the same concept of freedom which non-Catholics cherish. Sadly, the SBC is not an authentic Catholic entity.

I applaud your efforts at exposing this. And Russell, while watching you speak on Chronicle I couldn't help but think of Samuel Adams or Ben Franklin because of that ponytail of yours.

I see something of their spirit in you brother.

Pax Christi to you both.

Sanctus Belle said...

I wonder if it got windy in that room with all the spin going on?

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Indeed Sanctus, as my good friend James Taylor would put it: A churnin urn of burnin funk.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

As a Catholic lay philosopher who is interested in the pursuit of truth, I believe in asking questions. Often these questions are difficult and provoke certain people to anger. But, like Socrates, I believe in playing the gadfly to stimulate thought. So here's another question: since Louis Villarrubia has said (on Chronicle) that the SBC's interest in Jews is no different than their interest in Methodists, Presbyterians, Hindus and Muslims, why hasn't the SBC accused any of those groups of "undermining public morality" as it has the Jewish People?

I don't really expect an answer. Just thought I would throw the question out there.

Anonymous said...

I live in California and came across your Blog at a Catholic website dedicated to philosophical matters. It is deeply disturbing that there is so much hate in your neck of the woods. I read at the sbc watch site how there are five hate groups in the Cheshire County alone. One has to wonder if they are all secretly connected. Anyway, I applaud you all for fighting intolerance and hatred. Peace of Christ to you all.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why there is so much hatred in and around the Richmond, New Hampshire area? What is attracting these groups? Is it simply that the area is heavily wooded and conducive to secrecy?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ralph. Plus take into consideration volunteer planning, select and zoning boards who are and were for the most part honest people and were just plain taken advantage of 20 years ago when Douglas Bersaw came to the town of Richmond looking to build the SBC (BSC). The town is now discovering just how deceitful this group really is.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information on the saint bendict center. I am telling all of my friends about them and their hate. And to avoid contributing to the group whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Frank. It's been an up-hill battle.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it has been an uphill battle because so many in Richmond have capitulated to anti-semitism? It seems as if this may be the case. The town voted to allow a hate group to expand. Was this a vote for anti-semitism? Was it a vote for Holocaust denial? Does the town of Richmond have an anti-semitic agenda?

Anonymous said...

Marilyn, if I may answer your questions concerning the town of Richmond, no there is no anti-semitism in the town other than what comes from the SBC. The town was originally told it would be a small church for their members, the volunteers on the various boards in town had no reason to not believe what they were told, after all, the town was unprepared for that level of deceit. Please also visit
with its various links I'm sure that you will get an even better understanding of what has been happening in the town of Richmond, NH for so long.
And I can assure you that the votes were not for a hate group to expand, most of the people do not want this group in their town.
Thanks for your interest.

Anonymous said...

For me, it is scary to think that the town of Richmond voted to allow the SBC anti-semitic cult to expand. I would have to agree that the town of Richmond's government has voted for hate. This doesn't mean that ALL Richmond residents are anti-semitic. Just that the local government welcomes hate and has absolutely no problem with it. Maybe that's why other hate groups are in the area. They feel welcome in Cheshire County.

And where is the NH Attorney General? Is she an anti-semite as well?

Anonymous said...

I see property values in Richmond dropping like a stone because of the towns' sponsorship of anti-semitic hatred. By allowing this hate group to expand, the town of Richmond is committing suicide. Many decent people are going to want to relocate and others won't feel welcome in the town. Richmond is going to have a bad name like Waco Texas. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine why the town of Richmond would vote in favor of allowing a hate group to expand. The only possible explanation is that the town supports anti-Semitism. Excellent post Paul. Keep up the good work exposing hate and propaganda!

Anonymous said...

My response to Marilyn at The Keene Sentinel Blog:

It goes way beyond that Marilyn. More than five months ago I issued this challenge to SBC cultists:

6/3/2007 2:07:44 PM

"Eleonore Villarrubia, responding to Ann Duclos' previous comment at this forum, has written: "..shame on me for thinking that you might be a Catholic of good will who had doubts regarding Brother Andre's diaconate ordination and wanted facts."

This statement implies that Ann Duclos is not a Catholic of good will. It is, therefore, nothing short of calumny. And as far as "Brother" Andre's "diaconal ordination," I challenge Eleonore Villarrubia to show everyone who frequents this forum the dimissorial letters from Bishop John McCormack granting canonical permission for another Bishop to ordain her son.

And if she cannot do so, I challenge her to demonstrate from Canon Law and Church teaching how her son may be ordained to the diaconate without such dimissorial letters.

I'm waiting Mrs. Villarrubia. Show me the canon in Canon Law which justifies your son's disobedience to the Church.

Any refusal to answer will be construed as an admission of your own dishonesty."

It still hasn't received a response. Louis Villarruba has engaged in dishonesty by portraying himself as an ordained Deacon in the Catholic Church when his organization isn't even affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church - and this according to the Diocese of Manchester! The Bishop hasn't even granted them permission to do ministry in the Diocese!

Louis Villarrubia is now on record as a liar. He has lied about his organization, saying that it is in communion with the Church when it is not. He has lied about Paul Melanson seeking entry into his organization, refusing to provide copies of Paul's sacramental history which he says Paul sent him - this even though he purports to have a copy of a letter from Paul seeking admission into his cult. Why didn't he keep copies of Paul's sacramental history, letters of recommendation etc?

Louis Villarrubia has lied to the Internal Revenue Service. On the application for tax-exemption, he made the claim that the SBC is Roman Catholic. This constitutes tax fraud since the Church has said that the SBC has NO AFFILIATION with the Roman Catholic Church.

If I were to pass myself off as a Roman Catholic priest or deacon and tried to raise monies using these titles while applying for tax exemption with the IRS using the spurious claim that my "church" was Roman Catholic, I would be prosecuted - AND RIGHTFULLY SO - for fraud. Shouldn't Louis Villarrubia be prosecuted for fraud? If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

That exchange is just incredible. Mr. Villarrubia will apparently do everything in his power to avoid answering straight questions. Evidence of a master-manipulator. I find it just scary.

Anonymous said...

The town of Richmond volunteer planning board members and zoning board members are by no means anti-semitic. They could not nor would not bring any type of religious talk into a land use meeting. They must abide by the laws with respect to their role as a governing body. They cannot make decisions based upon religion. They can make and did make their decisions based upon rules and regs.
It is unfair to those volunteers to say that the town voted for the expansion of a hate group and therefore they must be antisemitic. Where's the logic in that statement? There is none.
Keep in mind there is such a thing as separation of church and state and that must be adhered to.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote, "The town of Richmond volunteer planning board members and zoning board members are by no means anti-semitic. They could not nor would not bring any type of religious talk into a land use meeting. They must abide by the laws with respect to their role as a governing body. They cannot make decisions based upon religion. They can make and did make their decisions based upon rules and regs.
It is unfair to those volunteers to say that the town voted for the expansion of a hate group and therefore they must be antisemitic.."

I don't think Andrew was trying to accuse all residents of Richmond of anti-Semitism. However, knowing that the SBC is an anti-Semitic hate group, you would think that the town of Richmond would have said "no" to their expansion plans.

I fully understand that religion should play no role in the town's decision. Only legal issues and concerns. But did they handle things legally? If so, why is the Rural Preservation Committee hiring a law firm to revisit the town's decision?

Isn't it just possible that the town voted the way it did because many in government there are anti-Semitic and want to see the SBC hate group expand?

Anonymous said...

Link from SBC Watch:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said, "The town of Richmond volunteer planning board members and zoning board members are by no means anti-semitic. They could not nor would not bring any type of religious talk into a land use meeting. They must abide by the laws with respect to their role as a governing body. They cannot make decisions based upon religion. They can make and did make their decisions based upon rules and regs.
It is unfair to those volunteers to say that the town voted for the expansion of a hate group and therefore they must be antisemitic. Where's the logic in that statement? There is none.
Keep in mind there is such a thing as separation of church and state and that must be adhered to."

First of all, the "separation of Church and State" is a myth. It is not to be found in the Constitution.

Secondly, I think anti-Semitism has EVERYTHING to do with the town of Richmond's decision to continually side with the Saint Benedict Center.

You say that the zoning board members make "decisions based upon rules and regs"? Prove it. If the zoning board is only concerned with "rules and regs," why haven't they upheld these? And if they did uphold "rules and regs," why is the RPC fighting their decision?

And what about the SBC's tax evasion? How does this fit in with your "rules and regs" argument? Or isn't tax fraud serious anymore?

Anonymous said...

Andrew, the ZBA reversed their earlier decision on Nov. 14th. Now we wait and see.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am horrified to see assumptions of widespread anti-Semetism in Richmond or on its' government bodies. This town has been totally scammed and manipulated. The SBC members who have managed to become town govt. officials, have initiated lawsuits, court proceedings and cried religious descrimination at every turn. This is a town of 1300 people!!! Richmond was targeted by Mr. Bersaw because of its' meager population and relatively generous live and let live rural community.
The pastor of my church,(the old brick church which is on the national registry of historic buildings, and is Methodist), received a plea for help from 'brother' Andre. He totally counted on her ignorance and played the religious persecution card, to ask for support. Before the SPLC came to town, the first we heard of anti-Semetic declarations was when Mr. Bersaw hijacked the town moderator office, by running a secret write in campaign. At that time(Mar2006) many began a conversation of steps for removal from office, based on public statements related to Holocaust denial. Given the smooth and slick delivery on Chronicle, especially by Christine Bryan and her picturesque family, I would hope the benefit of the doubt could be extended to the people of Richmond.
Please do not asscociate this tollerant and generous town with the SBC. The planning boards decision was deliberated under amazingly stressful circumstances, with lawsuits and threats heavy throughout the divided room. The vote was not for the expansion, in my opinion, with its' many prerequisites and preconditions. The decision emphasized holding the SBC accountable for broken promises, but did not enter the realm of their religion or idealogical leanings. That needs to be addressed in a different forum, and is clearly being addressed on many fronts.
Richmond has nothing to do with anti-Semetic bablings. If anything the problems of political apathy, severe poverty and primarily volunteer boards, are the reasons the SBC has gained as much ground as it has. The ignorance is being challenged aggressively now and many have already come off the fence and are willing to speak out. Please pray for the strength of the townspeople to do much more of this.

Anonymous said...

Brother Andre is an extremely insidious and calculating individual. He publicly attacks and challenges towns people in the town paper, 'The Richmond Rooster', and sends diatribes to every mailbox in town. If he's no historian, then he should get off his soapbox and stop delivering propaganda and prognostications as prolifically as he does. He's obviously lacking the common intelligence that most 4th graders have, and should go back to school---preferably a public school.

Anonymous said...

Betty, why are you horrified by questions or speculation about Richmond possibly being a haven for Neo-Nazism? Remember, Stormfront has defended the SBC and they are Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist. There are no less than five hate groups located in Cheshire County. Isn't it possible that Richmond is slowly being taken over by Neo-Nazis? If not, why the strong anti-semitism and Holocaust-denial of the SBC? Why is White Revolution located in Winchester, NH? Betty, there are alarming signs out there. Can't we just ask the questions?

Anonymous said...

As a response to the question of why I'm horrified about the accusation of Richmond being a haven for anti Semetism....
My reason is simple---the SBC is not Richmond. Their behavior does not reflect the average Joe or Julie in town. The surrounding communities that have hate groups in them are not connected to the SBC or Richmond as far as I know. Winchester is one of the poorest towns in the state and hosts all kinds of society ills, like rampent drug dealing and domestic violence. I don't believe it is fair to brand a community that is so rural in nature, with the association of complicity or cause with these hate groups.
Recklass judgements are just plain counterproductive. This is the last thing the people of Richmond need to contend with.

Anonymous said...

Betty, thanks for your comment. But no one has made the accusation that Richmond is a haven for Neo-Nazis. We are only asking the question: is it? You said, "the SBC is not Richmond. Their behavior does not reflect the average Joe or Julie in town. The surrounding communities that have hate groups in them are not connected to the SBC or Richmond as far as I know."

You are making an assertion and an assumption here:

The assertion: That the behavior of SBC types is not indicative of the general mindset in Richmond and;

The assumption: That hate groups in surrounding communities such as Winchester are not connected to the SBC. Admittedly you admit your own ignorance on the subject adding the caveat, "as far as I know."

As for your assertion, how can you be so sure? After all, the town Moderator is an anti-semitic bigot, another town official is also known as an anti-semite and has compared the public schools with communism. SBC Watch has documented the fact that SBC cultists vote as a bloc and that they have had enormous success. Even the Chronicle episode mentioned how half the town supports the SBC and half doesn't, hence the title of the show: A Town Divided. And remember, Stormfront has defended the SBC. They are Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist.

As for your assumption that hate groups in surrounding communities such as Winchester are not connected to the SBC, how would you know this. SBC Watch has documented that some SBC members have flown Confederate flags and that a person named Sander has posted material from a Winchester-based hate group.

There was a link posted by an SBC sympathizer to another hate group based in the South and posted at the Keene Sentinel Blog.

Betty, don't you think all of this warrants further inquiry?

Anonymous said...

I think we have to at least consider the possibility that Richmond is a Neo-Nazi strong-hold and that many residents of this sleepy town could be Neo-Nazis. Notice how certain people interviewed by Chronicle made excuses for the SBC which has compared the Jews with Satan and which has denied the Holocaust?

The Mormon made excuses. The store owners made excuses. Dana Taylor made excuses. All of these people said that they haven't seen any intolerance from the SBC. This is nothing short of incredible. Calling the Jews the Synagogue of Satan is not intolerance? What is it? Love and tolerance? Holocaust denial is not intolerance? Telling Jews, Protestants and other non-Catholics that they cannot be saved is not intolerant?

The biggest lie SBC sympathizers tell is this one: the SBC was "living in peace" with its neighbors until outsiders like the Provosts moved in. But how can you call describing the Jews as the Synagogue of Satan as "living in peace"? How can you call Holocaust denial "living in peace"? How can you call telling non-Catholics they are damned to Hell "living in peace"?

Tolerance? Hardly. Neo-Nazi? That is a very real possibility at this point.

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