Saturday, October 27, 2007

More thoughts on Chronicle's story "A Town Divided."

During her interview with Louis Villarrubia, Mary Richardson quoted from Fr. Feeney's publication The Point:

Mary Richardson: "'Jews, as an organized force, are the implacable declared enemies of Christianity: Its tenets, its traditions, its moral code, its very culture.' Do you believe that?"

To which Louis Villarrubia responded, "As I said, our interest in the Jews is the same as our interest in Methodists, Presbyterians, um Hindus, bring them to the true faith. That is our interest."

Mary Richardson pressed on: "But if Fr. Feeney is your hero, do you repudiate what he said here? Did he say this at a different time? Was this wrong?

And Mr. Villarrubia replied, "I think you're getting the idea that what we really hold is that somehow.. um.. Jews as Jews are bad people."

Notice how Mr. Villarrubia evades answering Mary Richardson's rather specific question? Instead of providing her with an honest response as to whether or not he repudiates Fr. Feeney's anti-Semitic article quoted from above, he attempts to convince Mary (and her many viewers) that she is somehow misunderstanding his - and his followers - stance with regard to the Jewish People.

Gee, where would Mary Richardson get the idea that Louis Villarrubia and SBC members hold that Jews as Jews are bad people? Could it be because Douglas Bersaw (also known as "Brother" Anthony Mary) has referred to the Jewish People as the "Synagogue of Satan"? Maybe it's because Louis himself has described the Jewish People as a people who "undermine public morality"?

And what exactly does Mr. Villarrubia mean by such a statement? I guess we'll never know. I (and many others) have consistently challenged him to provide us with an answer to that question. Mary Richardson asked it during her interview. But just as Mr. Villarrubia has failed to provide us with an answer, so he refused to answer the question when Mary asked it.

If anyone ever doubted that Mr. Villarrubia and his SBC cult are not acting in good faith, now they're not.


Anonymous said...

So, let's see if I get this right.....Jews, Methodists, (well, we've all read his mothers thoughts on them!) Presbyterians, Hindus, Muslims......none of us are going to heaven?, not saved?,by whose decree? Who died and made "Andre" king? To be that full of oneself.....
The people who came forward for this story, God bless and protect you all.

Anonymous said...

Used car salesman, slim coated abuser, completely creepy man in black.....this guy is more than scary.

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