Saturday, March 29, 2008

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We are living in heroic times. It is a time of heroic witness. More than ever, being a Christian means rowing against the tide. The age of "comfortable Christianity" has passed. We now live in an age in which those who resist the godless forces of secular humanism and the dictatorship of relativism must be prepared to face martyrdom.


Anonymous said...

Already the fierce winds of hatred and persecution are beginning to blow. Soon, proponents of the radical homosexual agenda will be calling for the Bible to be labelled "hate speech" and Christians who oppose homosexuality to be charged with hate crimes and imprisoned.

A prominent organization based out of Massachusetts which opposes the radical homosexual agenda has now been listed as a hate group.

Christians need to enter the battle and to raise their voices. The Devil is in the mood for a final confrontation with the Church.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Wendy, it is later then most Christians realize. Absorbed with thoughts of comfort and material well-being; caught up in the cares of this world and often solely with thoughts of food and entertainment, many have fallen into a deep slumber.

Our society resembles that of ancient Rome in many ways. The people were content as long as they had their bread and circuses. While all around them was decay and internal rot.

We are definitely at a crossroads. It may not be much longer before the Church is in the catacombs. There are many who will dismiss this as fantasy. But this because they have succumbed to the culture and they have become blind.

Meditation: Romans 1.

Anonymous said...

96 "Catholic" Colleges have pro-homosexual clubs. Apostasy and homosexual perversion are spreading everywhere. Those of us who still resist apostasy, dissent and sodomite perversion will be increasingly demonized and criminalized. You can see it starting already.

We must fight the good fight. A remnant will remain faithful.

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