Tuesday, April 08, 2008

$10,000 worth of items stolen from St. Bernard's Parish in Fitchburg

Rev. Edward Chalmers, the Pastor of St. Bernard's, said that seven chalices, five ciborium and two candelabras were taken. Anyone with information on this break-in and theft are asked to contact Fitchburg police at: (978) 345-4355.


Anonymous said...

Another targeted Church. A Churhc in Everett was vandalised a few days ago. Whether it's vandalism or theft, it seems like Churches are being targeted these days. All the more reason for towns to have task forces to deal with these issues. I think Churches are a handy target for those who hate Christianity or wo want to steal what valuables may be found in them.

Anonymous said...

Dale, if a Nazi Swastika had been spray-painted on a synagogue in Gardner, everyone would have been calling it a hate crime. But since it was "only" Christian churches that were singled out the response was a collective yawn. It is great that the GPD did its job and found the culprits. But the whole matter was, in my opinion, taken very lightly.

Anonymous said...

The Evil One is really moving against the Churches. Let's all take this to Adoration.

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