Sunday, April 06, 2008

22 Episcopal Ministers fired for not embracing the homosexual agenda

I wonder if this is what Fr. Andre Dargis meant when he said that the Episcopal church is leading the way in the ecumenical movement? Isn't tolerance grand?

Meanwhile, Pope Paul VI said that the smoke of Satan had entered the Catholic Church and this has been confirmed by various attempts to empty Catholicism of its supernatural dimension and to reduce it to a humanitarian religion made in the image and likeness of man. A comfortable religion where little importance is attributed to sin, grace and the transcendent. In this man-made religion, the Sacraments are abandoned and the supernatural is relegated to the margins. Many clamor for a "democratic church" and the juridical and teaching authority of the Magisterium are contested.

Where is this all leading us. Read here for the answer:


Anonymous said...

Many within the Church even rejoice in sin and extol it as a virtue. How many Catholic couples contracept? - some studies say around 80% - How many are engaged in fornication? Adultery? Sodomy? Intentionally missing Holy Mass?

None of these will lead to the civilization of love Pope John Paul II spoke of. Only a return to the sacraments will effect that.

Anonymous said...

The vocations crisis in the Catholic Church is man-made. Good candidates were (and still often are) pushed away and refused a place at the table. But those who possess a homosexual inclination or who dissent from Church teaching are made welcome. Orthodox candidates are treated with hatred and hostility.

Anonymous said...

I read the terrific book by Michael S. Rose titled "Goodbye, Good Men." Sadly, all too many vocations are lost because healthy, heterosexual men are not wanted.

Anonymous said...

The homosexual movement is based on hatred and propaganda. They are using the courts to force-feed their perversion on children and are undermining the rights of parents who oppose homosexuality because of their religious convictions. I don't see our legislators here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts standing up for the rights of parents who don't want their children educated in what their faith teaches is perverse. What's next? Classes in bestiality?

As a parent myself, I am angry and very scared. My rights as a parent are being stripped away. My children will be exposed to the ideologies of homosexual activists and I'm being told that I have no say.

This state is becoming a moral sewer and I will probably move because I don't feel safe here. I feel my children are being threatened. Their moral and spiritual health is being attacked by forces which are anti-life, anti-Church, anti-family and anti-God.

Massachusetts is in crisis as far as I'm concerned. You are one of only a few who dare to speak up Paul. Thank you.

Sanctus Belle said...

I pray those who were ejected will come home to the Catholic church!

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

My sentiments exactly Sanctus Belle. This will, by the grace of God, facilitate their journey home to the Church founded by Jesus Christ.

I spent this afternoon with two good friends: Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall. Those guys never let you down.

Anonymous said...

These stories affirm my faith, not because I like seeing these communities fall apart, but because the same forces that are successfully tearing them apart are trying to tear the Catholic Church apart but are failing. Why are they failing? Because "thou art Peter and upon this Rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall never prevail against it"!

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