Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dr. Susan Suchocki Brown and Original Sin

In an article entitled "A Summer Blessing" (Leominster Champion, July 4, 2008 edition, p. 14), Dr. Susan Suchocki Brown, pastor of the First Church Unitarian Universalist in Leominster, wrote: "Unitarian Universalists do not believe that we are flawed sinful persons, nor that we are part of an inherently flawed world." But in the very next sentence admits that, "Yes, we do live in a world that is broken, a world that is unjust, often unmoved and uninvolved and sometimes a world that manifests great evil."

This is precisely the problem (correction, one of the problems) with Unitarianism and New Age belief. Dr. Brown is apparently unaware of the fact that she contradicts herself in the above cited paragraph. After first proclaming that her "church" does not believe we are "flawed sinful persons" or that we are part of "an inherently flawed world," she freely admits that we live in a broken world which sometimes "manifests great evil."

This is one of many reasons why intelligent people are not attracted to Unitarianism or the New Age Movement. But what the Unitarian "church" doesn't understand, the Catholic Church does. Pope John Paul II, while describing Original Sin during a general audience on October 1, 1986, called it, "the absence of sanctifying grace in nature which has been diverted from its supernatural end" (CCC, 37, 215, 388-406, 409, 412, 1250, 1607, 1609, 1707, 2259, 2515).

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Sanctus Belle said...

People who attend such "churches" are not usually interested in finding truth nor authenticity - this is obvious...but rather they go in order to feel good, have thier consciences assuaged and their ears tickled.

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