Monday, July 14, 2008

More on that Wikipedia controversy....

In a response to Mr. Roger Vaste over an email written to Wikipedia regarding the Fr. Leonard Feeney biography which is heavily biased, a Wikipedia Administrator responded, "If you make legal threats or take legal action over a Wikipedia dispute, you may be blocked from editing so that the matter is not exacerbated through other channels. Uses who make legal threats will typically be blocked from editing indefinitely while legal threats are outstanding."

To which Mr. Vaste responded:

You have made it clear that historical revisionism will rule the day at Wikipedia. I have not threatened anyone with legal action so you are being dishonest when you assert otherwise. I have, however, contacted the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center about this issue."

And this Administrator, who goes by the screen name Garion96 replied:

"I never heard of Father Leonard Feeny until a month or so ago. So please skip the anti-Semitic conspiracy nonsense. It seems impossible that you will ever discuss the article instead of boldly reverting together with conspiracy theories. Therefore consider the week long block changed to an indefinite block.


Mr. Vaste answered:

"Mr. Garion,

I have not engaged in "conspiracy theories" but facts of history which you have chosen to ignore. In an article published in Time Magazine:,9171,817066,00.html, Father Feeney is quoted extensively and admits, "I preach hate."

As documented here:, the Archdiocese of Boston maintains archives which prove the following statements were made by Feeney:

"The Jews have taken over this city..." (Report by Grace Uberti from 14 September 1952, Feeney Collection, Archives, Archdiocese of Boston, Brighton, Mass)."I would rather be a bad Catholic than any Jew in existence." (op. cit, 19 October 1952).

"Every Protestant hates the Jews. Harvard loathes Jews. That is why they got a new President - to keep the Jews away. I don't hate Jews for the reason he hates them. I hate them because they hate Jesus. They hate Jesus because they are Jews!" (op. cit 9 August 1953).

"Those kikes are from Hillel House. I warn you of what the Jews are going to do to the Catholic City of Boston. In every city you see a new synagogue being built in a Christian country...If I sent Catholics over to heckle Rabbi Shubow, Fingold [Attorney General] would send the police in and have them in jail. But over here in front of the picture of the sacred heart of Mary these Jews are yelling every single filthy thing - every blasphemous word, on Sunday in a Catholic city." (op. cit 31 July 1955).

And Fr. Feeney's idea of "dialog" also included attacks on Protestants and Catholics: "Archbishop Cushing is a heretic. I didn't say it behind his back; I said it to his face." (op. cit 28 September 1952).

"Here you have me in a Catholic city being spit at and sneered at. I would like to profess my Catholic faith in a city gone to the dogs, thanks to the Jews, Protestants and Masons, and under a cowardly leader." (op. cit 16 November 1952).

"Harvard boys are filthy. Too many Irish, too many Negroes, and too many Jews." (op. cit 8 March 1953).

Apparently it is your contention that the Archdiocese of Boston and Time Magazine are simply spreading "conspiracy theories" as well.

Other relevant facts which you will no doubt ignore as you pander to anti-Semites:

Holocaust denial:

The Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hampshire is NOT in communion with the Church and "Brother" Andre Marie's followers have falsely presented him as an ordained deacon:

All of this makes me wonder about where you are coming from.


The facts of history are what they are. To say that Fr. Leonard Feeney was known far and wide as "The Hate Priest" or that he and many of his followers engaged in anti-Semitism and that Wikipedia should include this in Fr. Feeney's biography is sound from an historical point of view.

For Wikipedia to suggest that an individual is engaging in "conspiracy theories" for simply inquiring as to why one of their entries is so heavily biased is, in the final analysis, evidence of bias. To ban an editor because he questions this bias only serves to provide additional evidence of bias.


Anonymous said...

I received an email from Garion96, a Wikipedia official, and he said he invited me several times to discuss this issue. I never received any invitation to discussion.

But this is now a moot point. After forwarding Garion96 copious amounts of documentation highlighting Father Feeney's anti-Semitism and the points I raised about the SBC in Richmond, New Hampshire, he responded with "I don't care."

In other words, Garion96 and Wikipedia are totally unconcerned with historical revisionism. In other words, impressionable young minds will ONLY be able to read the whitewashed version of his biography which ignores many disturbing elements in the life of The Hate Priest such as his having referred to Jewish People as "kikes" etc.

Really unbelievable. Tell all of your friends about Wikipedia's bias on this issue.

Anonymous said...

There are those who don't want the people to know the whole history of Fr. Feeney or certain facts about the SBC in NH. Many are unaware that "Brother" Francis is married, has five kids, and that his wife served as the "Mother Superior" if you will of the "Sisters" there. Or that Louis Villarrubia has not been ordained to the diaconate.

If Wikipedia is going to maintain a biographical entry on Fr. Leonard Feeney, then it should be an accurate one which presents the whole truth about this controversial figure.

Or, is that too much to ask from an online "Encyclopedia."

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice to know whether or not the editor who changed the Wikipedia entry to suit the tastes of the SBC is himself or herself a follower of Father Feeny? I wonder....

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