Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sign the petition to hold homosexual activists accountable for their hate

The orthodox Christian women over at Les Femmes (their website may be found here) have posted the following:

"The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission website is documenting attacks by gay activists. Will homosexuals be held accountable for their hate crimes? Don't hold you breath, but take action. Sign the petition calling on California Attorney General Edmund Brown, Jr. to uphold the law (CA penal code 302) against disrupting church services. Vandalism, intimidation, and assault are the weapons of anti-Christian homosexual thugs. Return their hate with love, but be prepared to suffer for Christ."

I couldn't have said it better.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the petition Paul. I signed it and I'll be sharing this with my friends. Hopefully, by the grace of God, others will be moved to do the same.

Ellen Wironken said...

What the Obama administration has in store for Christians who oppose homosexuality is just chilling. Read what the administration plans to do at their website:

Anonymous said...

Wendy, it would help if our churches were to spread this petition around and make it known. How about our diocesan newspapers? What are they doing?

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