Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Powerful Weapon for the Spiritual Battles Ahead


Sanctus Belle said...


I saw this link on Spirit Daily as well and have known of this page dedicated to Our lady's Tears for some time. The trouble is very hard to find this chaplet. I do have one, but I bought it so long ago, I don't even remember where I purchased it at. In fact, I didn't like the plastic beads it was made of so I replace all the beads and only kept and reused the Our Lady of Tears medal. I have been searching the internet for this medal, which has a picture of that same very image from the apparition - can't find it anywhere. If you or any of your readers know where this medal can be found, please leave a commment with a link so I can buy them. I would like to make many of these chaplets and have them available at cost.

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

I will keep my eyes open Sanctus. Hopefully, a reader will post the information. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

I would check with the Cukierskis here:

Ask Wendy. If she doesn't have it, try the Leaflet Missal Company online.

Bon chance!

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Sanctus, Michael Brown always had good links doesn't he? Alicia, thank you for that. In all likelihood, SB has probably already checked with the Cukierskis. But it is an excellent suggestion. I used to obtain my blessed salt through them. They are a wonderful resource. They included the Spiritual Children of Saint Rita in the link section at their website years ago. I used to serve as the spiritual director of that apostolate.

Thanks again Alicia.

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