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Ecclesiastical Masonry seeks to undermine faith in the Church's divine foundation

"Theology in crisis has become a crisis of faith in God. Private judgement has been substituted for Catholic belief. Faith in the divine foundation of the Church, in many places, has vanished.

- Cardinal Ratzinger

Our Lady said to Fr. Gobbi, in a locution, "Beloved sons, today your are calling to mind my second apparition, which took place in the humble cova da Iria in Fatima, on June 13, 1917. Even as of then I foretold to your that which you are living through in these times. I announced to you the great struggle between me, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, and the huge Red Dragon (Marxist atheism) which has brought humanity to live without God. I also foretold to you the subtle and dark work, carried out by Freemasonry with the purpose of separating you from the observance of the Law of God and thus making you victims of sins and of vices. Above all, as Mother, I have wanted to warn you of the grave dangers which threaten the Church today, because of the many and diabolical attacks which are being carried out against it to destroy it.

To attain this end, there comes out of the earth, by way of aid to the Black Beast which arises out of the sea, a beast which has two horns like those of a lamb. The lamb, in Holy Scripture, has always been a symbol of sacrifice. On the night of the exodus, the lamb is sacrificed, and, with its blood, the doorposts of the houses of the Hebrews are sprinkled, in order to remove them from the punishment which on the contrary strikes all the Egyptians. The Hebrew Pasch recalls this fact each year, through the immolation of a lamb, which is sacrificed and consumed.

On Calvary, Jesus Christ sacrifices Himself for the redemption of humanity; He Himself becomes our Pasch and becomes the true Lamb of God who takes away all the sins of the world. The beast has on its head two horns like those of a lamb. To the symbol of the sacrifice, there is intimately connected that of the priesthood; the two horns. The high priest of the Old Testament wore a headpiece with two horns. The bishops of the church wear the mitre with two horns to indicate the fullness of their priesthood.The black beast like a leopard indicates Freemasonry; the beast with the two horns like a lamb indicates Freemasonry infiltrated into the interior of the Church, that is to say, ecclesiastical Masonry, which has spread especially among the members of the hierarchy.

This masonic infiltration, in the interior of the Church, was already foretold to you by me at Fatima, when I announced to you that Satan would enter in even to the summit of the Church. If the task of Masonry is to lead souls to perdition, bringing them to the worship of false divinities, the task of ecclesiastical Masonry on the other hand is that of destroying Christ and His Church, building a new idol, namely a false christ and a false church…".
In an interview with The Latin Mass magazine, Dr. Alice von Hildebrand was asked the following question:
"You realize, of course, Doctor, that as soon as you mention this idea of infiltration [within the Catholic Church], there will be those who roll their eyes in exasperation and remark, 'Not another conspiracy theory!'"
To which Dr. von Hildebrand responded:
"I can only tell you what I know. It is a matter of public record, for instance, that Bella Dodd, the ex-Communist who reconverted to the Church, openly spoke of the Communist Party’s deliberate infiltration of agents into the seminaries. She told my husband and me that when she was an active party member, she had dealt with no fewer than four cardinals within the Vatican 'who were working for us.'
Many a time I have heard Americans say that Europeans "smell conspiracy wherever they go." But from the beginning, the Evil One has 'conspired' against the Churchand has always aimed in particular at destroying the Mass and sapping belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. That some people are tempted to blow this undeniable fact out of proportion is no reason for denying its reality. On the other hand, I, European born, am tempted to say that many Americans are na├»ve; living in a country that has been blessed by peace, and knowing little about history, they are more likely than Europeans (whose history is a tumultuous one) to fall prey to illusions. Rousseau has had an enormous influence in the United States. When Christ said to His apostles at the Last Supper that “one of you will betray Me,” the apostles were stunned. Judas had played his hand so artfully that no one suspected him, for a cunning conspirator knows how to cover his tracks with a show of orthodoxy."
The rest of this interview may be found at this Blog using the search engine with the keywords: Alice von Hildebrand, interview.


Derek said...

How many Catholics have really reflected on the fact that a Prince of the Church has warned that Antichrist may already be here and waiting to make his entrance onto the world stage? The crisis is deepening and everything is growing very dark. Abortion has been enshrined and the homosexual agenda is winning.

The gates of hell are opening. So many have been blinded to the reality of sin and now embrace it.

Gabrielle said...

In his book Witness, Michael Brown told the story of Josyp Terelya, a Catholic activist who was persecuted, imprisoned and tortured by the Communists. Josyp was a prophet who had more than 30 audiences with Pope John Paul II.

The following message was given to Josyp from Our Lady:

Past Message to Josyp Terelya
October 21, 2002

The times have come
Messages via Josyp Terelya
Monday, October 21, 2002

Mary Said: Our Son,

The times have come which St. John had foretold - 'the time of times" ? The time has arrived to unveil the truth before the eyes of the christian faithful - the Truth which is the beginning of the great travails and tribulations, which inexorably seek to kill the soul of men. (Mt. 24,9: birth pangs; cf. Rev. 12.2)

The devil has seated himself on his throne, his altar. And he has now become the opponent of all good initiative. The Antichrist has assumed total control over all human activity, possessing, as he does the might and power of his father, Satan.

The evil spirits are leading the apostates into lawlessness and incredulity. The Antichrist Is working actively through these evil spirits on the mind of man, conscious and subconscious. As a result man is led to commit yet greater crimes that distance him from Truth. The spirit of the Antichrist has long since been operating through the mystery of lawlessness. He is becoming ever stronger in these hapless days.

The terrain is being prepared for the future 'benefactor' [that is the Maitreya-Antichrist] of mankind. Until now, the greatest obstacle in the final realization of the ideas of the Antichrist is the Church of Christ, which alone is completely in unison with Divine Revelation, and truly unveils the dark plans of Satan [through Revelation and private prophecy].

In our times there are many dark forces and luciferian organizations that are working to undermine the Christian faith.

Christians must remember and know, that the choirs of the saints and martyrs of the Church are looking down upon you from the depths of history, questioning: why are you not defending your faith ?

My children, as never before the servants of Satan, the Masons, are becoming active in their subversive efforts against the Church, the family and the nations of the world.

The father of the Masons - the Antichrist - stands over them. A liar and a thief from age to age. Having infiltrated the Church, the servants of the devil and the lawless one, have begun to eliminate actively from Christian prayers the invocations of the Archangel St. Michael, who is the patron of the Catholic Church.

His name is being removed from Masses and liturgical texts. Modern priests and bishops especially are destroying the statues of the Archangel, Saint Michael. They justify this as if this, take away from Christ, which is an outright lie.

Things are being done in the Church which are opposed to God: penitential practices are eliminated in Lent. Self-denial and penance are scoffed at. Instead, they preach the happy life and love of fame.

The 'Catholic' Masons are spreading the idea that Jesus Christ has already won heaven for us by His death on the cross, and that our human efforts are not required. They use modern priests to falsify the Holy Mass, so that nothing of holiness remain. The Antichrist through these evil spirits is trying to raise doubts about the truth of the Eucharist.

This is why the Pope blessed you to organize Eucharistic Congresses throughout the entire world. On September 17 this year [2002] you had the special grace with your wife to kneel before the Holy Father to receive his Papal blessing.

The enemies of the living God and of His Church are spreading the idea, that the blessed Eucharist is only a symbol, and that Jesus is not present under the appearances of bread and wine during the Sacred Liturgy.

This is why they forbade the celebration of the Holy Mass In Latin. The Antichrist has ordered his evil spirits, the Masons, to undermine the authority of priests, comparing them to ordinary people. Women in churches walk around everywhere with their heads uncovered.

Modern priests are clamoring to have women serve during Holy Mass on the grounds of the constitution about the equality of the sexes; and are even to be admitted to the priesthood, through which they offend my Son. They are demanding full freedom to act for women as ministerial priests.

The Antichrist is clamoring to forbid kneeling during the reception of Holy Communion, as though the spirit of democracy required this.

They tell children that God loves them just as they are and this is why children have full freedom to do as they wish.

The apostate women religious teach the children not to fold their hands devoutly during prayer, for God loves them as they are.

Many churches forbid organ music, and they have substituted modern music for this. Modern priests are doing everything they can to destroy a personal relationship of Jesus with those praying.

At the same time the satanists in the world are rapidly trying to destroy the economy and business. These are the panic signs of the Antichrist. He knows that he cannot prevail over the Church. And defeat is coming upon him as never before.

Great changes will shortly take place in the East, both the Near East and the North East. Russia will reveal its true face. Remember that you cannot enter into the same river twice. If you want to know a man today, don't judge him by his past events and old deeds. Because man is what he is really and truly only what he is at the present moment of contact with him. He changes very quickly and this is why you must reacquaint yourself with any-one at the moment of your present encounter.

To win time, the Antichrist is spreading half truths about his position, to induce people to think that not everything is lost. I have already told you that you must look at their deeds if you want to know the servants of the devil.

There are many church organizations under the control of Satan and they are not, in fact, defending the Church. Groups of somnolent Catholics are seeking to paralyze the spreading of truth about the antichrist. This is why the Masons will ignore and persecute those visionaries that denounce satan and the works of the devil.

Those will become renowned who present primitive visionary accounts about the activity of the Antichrist, and will nowhere speak of the threat to mankind because of the large number of degenerates, that are struggling to the top for power over people. This is why you will be the only ones to recognize the truth.

Peace and happiness be with you. Amen.

Alzina said...

Christian Order had n excellent piece on Bella Dodd. In this article, Mrs. Dodd is quoted as having said:

"In the 1930s we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within." The idea was for these men to be ordained and progress to positions of influence and authority as Monsignors and Bishops. A dozen years before Vatican II she stated that: "Right now they are in the highest places in the Church" - where they were working to bring about change in order to weaken the Church's effectiveness against Communism. She also said that these changes would be so drastic that "you will not recognise the Catholic Church."

Ted Loiseau said...

I read these words from our Holy Father: "Everything in public life risks being desacralised: persons, places, pledges, prayers, practices, words, sacred writings, religious formulae, symbols, ceremonies...

Our life together is being increasingly secularised. Religious life grows diffident. Thus we see the most momentous matters placed among trifles, and trivialities glorified."

Any serious Catholic would be concerned with this assessment of modern society. But there are forces who want to convince us everything is just fine and there is nothing to worry about.

Evidently these confused souls believe themselves to be wiser than the Vicar of Christ. Which, by itself, is an indicator of the satanic pride which dominates our moronic culture.

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