Monday, April 13, 2009

President Obama: Does he support efforts to silence Christian opposition to homosexuality?

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), a former judge, is warning that the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (H.R. 1913) - also known as the Matthew Shepard Act - could potentially lead to the arrest* of Christian pastors (and others) who speak out against homosexuality. The Obama administration supports the Matthew Shepard Act: see here.

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"As a Catholic and by my Catholic Faith, I am bound in conscience to no human, theological, or philosophical opinion, however well founded it may be, and still less to any judgments on contingent or worldly matters, or to any temporal power. Nor am I bound to any particular form of culture or civilization, and still less of race or blood. I am bound uniquely to what is universality itself and super-universality: to the Divine, to the words and precepts of Him who said, 'I am the Truth, I who speak to you.'"

- Jacques Maritain

* Read here.


Meredith said...

President Obama does in fact support the Matthew Shepard Act, which is nothing less than an attempt to muzzle Christians, Jews and all people of faith and good will who are opposed to homosexuality and same-sex marriage/civil unions because of their faith-tradition and or the natural law. Many warned of President Obama's radical agenda before the election, and you were one of these voices Mr. Melanson. Sadly, many who profess to be Catholic abandoned Catholic moral principles and voted for a man who is extremely radical in his support of abortion and the homosexual agenda.

Ann Duclos said...

Slowly but surely government is encroaching upon our First Amendment rights and freedoms. Most people don't see this because they choose only to see what they want to see. Others (and I believe the majority of people fall into this category), have simply been lulled into a sort of sleep or unawareness.

Years ago, Mother Angelica from EWTN compared this process to slowly cooking a frog in a pan by gradually turning up the heat on the stove. The frog is lulled into a sleep when the water is gradually made warmer and warmer. But if the frog were dumped into a pan of boiling water, it would immediately jump out to save its life.

The process here is the same. People are being gradually de-sensitized and lulled into a sort of sleep. Christians are increasingly being marginalized and many are simply unaware of this process.

I fear most will either never awaken or will realize too late what is going on.

Ann Duclos

Jonathan said...

Ann, well said. Have you ever watched those old newsreels of the Third Reich? Huge crowds cheering Hitler and saluting him wherever he went. These people were enthusiastic Nazis who had bought into his program. But then, after the war, nobody was a supporter of Hitler, nobody was a Nazi.

Whole nations can be brainwashed into accepting programmes which are just hideous. Through the employment of nearly constant propaganda and disinformation, certain classes of people can quickly be placed into isolation, into a "ghetto" so to speak.

This is what was done to the Jewish people. They were marginalized and then demonized. Anyone who believes that the same cannot be done to Christians is naive.

Already Christians are being subjected to villification and are held up to scorn by many in the media and entertainment industries.

But hey, it's much easier to pretend all is well isn't it? This even as the Holy Father is warning us of these dangerous trends.

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