Friday, May 08, 2009

Archbishop Chaput warns of religious freedom loss

"Salvation history, the only history that can adequately depict the actions of man in the concrete, that is, man created in a supernatural order, fallen and then redeemed by Christ, begins and ends in the vision of Mary. The Antichrist is sure to come on earth in the last days. He will make a final, useless assault on God and his saints. He will attempt to rip the very idea of God from the consciousness of men. It seems indicated in Scripture that he will have great success in seducing the vast majority of believers away from Christ and into his own ranks of idolators. Christian fantasy has not created the fable of the Antichrist, nor playfully painted him in the fiery hues of hell. The not a product of theology fiction. He is really foretold and confirmed by the prophets, the Evangelists, the Apostles, all of them bearers, preachers and writers of the infallible revelations of God from Genesis to the Apocalypse. And then too, the whole living tradition of Christianity, guided by the Holy Spirit, has witnessed to the reality of the Antichrist. The power of the Antichrist will be vast, his skill at persuasion so great that he would fain suck into error many of the elect. The miracles performed by him will be so thrilling and spectacular that he will be followed and adored by many as a god. Yet the Antichrist will be the greatest threat and adversary the Church has ever encountered. Who will save the Church from the power and 'lying wonders' of the Antichrist? Mary, Mother of the Church, will be her omnicompetent protectress. For from the beginning in the Garden of Eden, the Serpent-Dragon lay in waiting for the coming of the Woman who would crush his head." (Fr. Vincent P. Miceli, The Antichrist, pp. 267-268).

The way is being prepared for the entrance of the Man of Sin. Many do not see this. They are incapable of seeing this because they are not people of prayer. Those who are spiritually awake will note that while things have the appearance of remaining the same, in reality the darkness is advancing.


Anonymous said...

Fighting darkness...

Hi Paul--

Could you please link to this exhortation and novena. Plus, pass it on to all if you find it worthy. Thanks...

Grace. Blessings. Peace. Life...
james mary evans

Elizabeth said...

At his Blog, Mark Mallett made the following observation:

"Our Lady is not simply a lovely object of Church art. She is the woman who crushes Satan’s head with her heel! Don’t let yourself be deceived into thinking that the Rosary, the chain of grace, is not for you. Do you wish to be holy? Do you wish to see Satan conquered? Then enter the daylight of the Holy Rosary. She will collect untold blessings from the treasuries of God’s mercy so that every good and beneficial grace will rain down upon you and your family, if you ask for them. But you must pick yourself up, go to your room, shut the door, and begin to pray. And the more dry, the more painful, the more difficult it is to pray, the more powerful your prayer is because then you are praying by faith and not by sight."

The Holy Rosary is our spiritual weapon. Outside of the Holy Mass, it is the most powerful spiritual weapon against Satan and the other evil spirits.

Cleghornboy said...

Salve fratres!

I would be more than happy to! May the Sacred Heart of Jesus bless you for your pro-life efforts and the Immaculata intercede for your every need.

Pax Christi!

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